Government Affairs Committee

In support of BPC’s broader advocacy goals, this committee is focused on legislation and policies related to economic and environmental sustainability in the Bay region. From identifying potential funding opportunities to discussing impacts of pending legislation, the Government Affairs Committee is planning to have a productive 2022 year. The committee thrives on continued discussions that highlight new focuses and is supported by the contributions of hosted speakers, committee members, and organizations connected to BPC.

Government Affairs Committee Policy Goals:

  • Support legislation of benefit to BPC members.
  • Utilize BPC’s advocacy potential to promote positive outcomes for policies of concern.
  • Develop a strong committee membership of varying interests to provide well-informed information.

Committee Chair: 

  • Amara Morrison, Wendel Rosen LLP
  • Christian Marsh, Downey Brand

Join Us!

If you are interested in participating in the Government Affairs Committee or have other questions associated with this committee, please contact Cameron Carr.

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