Briefing Series: BCDC Seaport Plan

On October 17th, the Bay Planning Coalition hosted a virtual briefing tp discuss upcoming changes to the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission’s (BCDC) Seaport Plan. The event featured BCDC Principal Waterfront Planner, Cory Mann, who provided a presentation and engaged in a Q&A session with attendees.

The BCDC’s Seaport Planning Advisory Committee has been working to update the Seaport Plan, and this event served as a unique opportunity for stakeholders and the public to gain insights into these efforts. The changes to the Seaport Plan are designed to ensure relevance and effectiveness in light of evolving challenges and opportunities in the San Francisco Bay area.

Key components of the Seaport Plan update include:

  • Update to the regional Cargo Forecast.
  • Remove outdated information and update findings and policies.
  • Introduce new topics areas.
  • Amend Port Priority Use Area boundaries to reflect shifts in cargo activity.
  • Realign the Seaport Plan to better reflect the scope of BCDC’s authority and encourage regional coordination.

We would like to thank BCDC staff, attendees, and our annual workshop series sponsors for their support and engagement.

Event Recording