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Transportation News for October 26, 2016

East Bay Times: Lawsuit seeks to limit California driver license suspensions Mercury News: Despite deadly crashes in the headlines, tour bus … [Read More...]

Energy News for October 26, 2016

The Hill: Gore slams 'dangerous' Dakota pipeline project The Wall Street Journal: EU Approves Increased Gazprom Use of Opal Pipeline Bloomberg … [Read More...]

California Water and Drought News for October 26, 2016

San Francisco Chronicle: How to revive a dying delta Water Deeply: Reservoirs Provide Tap Water Yet Significantly Contribute to Climate Change … [Read More...]

Featured Member

Featured Member: Cargill

Since 1854, local salt makers have harnessed the sun and wind to make sea salt along the San Francisco Bay shoreline. From pick-and-shovel harvests of the Gold Rush era, to today’s mechanized harvests, the industry has traced a colorful history, mirroring both the growth of the West its environmental values. Today, Cargill, a Minnesota-based agricultural company, […]


Bay Planning Coalition (BPC) leads industry by bringing key players together to develop solutions that keep Bay projects moving, and producing more jobs.

BPC collaboration is key to achieving a fair and expedient permit process with governmental agencies, environmental organizations, private industry, and many others while addressing and resolving stakeholder concerns.

Navigating mandatory requirements, passionate and divergent interests, and conflicting views, BPC has used reliable science and built strong relationships and powerful advocacy to work as a true Coalition for the benefit of economic and environmental vitality and balance in the greater San Francisco Bay Region.

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