Dredging & Beneficial Reuse Committee

In 1983, Bay Planning Coalition was founded upon the regulatory issues surrounding dredging. For nearly 40 years, BPC has been advocating for rational dredging, regulatory and permitting efficiency, and beneficial reuse of dredged sediment as a means to grow the regional economy in an increasing environmentally sustainable way.  Dredging of the Bay’s naturally shallow waters is not only critical to facilitating goods movement in and out of Northern California ports and expanding the region’s water transit services, but it also provides a source of sediment that can be used to buffer our shorelines to be more resilient against sea level rise, while also providing a myriad of ecological benefits.
Dredging & Beneficial Reuse 2020 Policy Goals:
  • Advocating for the streamlined permitting and regular dredging of critical waterways.
  • Directing funds to dredge-related science through the SFEI Regional Monitoring Program.
  • Championing beneficial reuse of dredged sediment for shoreline resiliency projects.
Chair: Josh Gravenmier, Arcadis
Co-Chair: Scott Bodensteiner, Haley & Aldrich


View the Dredgers Handbook HERE.

View BPC 2020 Dredging & Beneficial Reuse Webinar HERE

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