Decision Makers Conference Sponsorship Opportunities

 San Francisco Bay Decision Makers Conference – CALL FOR SPONSORS

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The Bay Planning Coalition’s annual Decision Makers Conference is the forum of the year, where we provide a platform for new ideas, thoughtful action and innovative solutions through coalition building.

The greater San Francisco Bay Region, home to vital ports, train routes, highway corridors and airports, is on the leading edge of the country’s and state’s recovery. The imports and exports through our region drive a huge and thriving econ omy, and sustaining and developing trade through our area is crucial to continued economic success.

The success of our Annual Decision Makers Conference depends on the participation of all stakeholders in the Bay Planning Coalition. We need you to help by becoming a sponsor. Through your sponsorship, you are investing in the Bay’s future, which we all share.

For 30 years, BPC has been making a difference in San Francisco Bay by facilitating the balanced and intelligent use of the Bay for thriving commerce, recreation and the environment. Your sponsorship will help ensure that BPC will continue to offer access and advocacy on behalf of our members and achieve its mission for public well-being.


For questions about sponsorship levels and benefits, please call/email John Coleman, Executive Director, at 510-768-8310 and

Thank you for your continued support.

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