BPC Sets Course on Air Quality Regulation

On July 11, the Resources & Infrastructure and Legislative & Regulatory Committees met together to discuss and strategize around BPC’s approach to air quality policy. We came out of the productive meeting with several action items:
  • Comment Letters: On July 23, BPC sent a comment letter on to the California Air Resources Board regardings its Draft Community Air Protection Blueprint, and joined the California Manufacturers and Technology Association’s (CMTA) coalition letter on the topic as well.

    Click here to read the BPC letter.
    Click here to read the CMTA letter.
    Click here to download CARB’s Draft Community Air Protection Blueprint.

  • BAAQMD Board Engagement: In August, we will be meeting with a group of Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) Board Members from Contra Costa and Alameda Counties, as well as BAAQMD Executive Director Jack Broadbent, to discuss AB 617 implementation. Space is unfortunately extremely limited, so participation is by invitation only.
  • Talking Points: We plan to develop some talking points on AB 617 for BPC members to use, either in public meetings or otherwise. Please let us know if you plan to provide, or would be open to providing, comments in any public forums or meetings so that we can keep track of and assist with these efforts.
  • BAAQMD Community Steering Committees: Community steering committees are being developed by BAAQMD for both Richmond and West Oakland in accordance with the initial implementation of the AB 617 Clean Air Protection Program. BPC staff attended the first meeting of the West Oakland Community Steering Committee on July 27, which will be meeting monthly. We are looking into the possibility of joining the Richmond steering committee as well.
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