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Port of Redwood City Reports Cargo Movement for Fiscal Year 2016-2017
Cargo moving across the docks at the Port of Redwood City tonnage declined slightly by 5.5 percent for the fiscal year that ended June 30.  However, the total tonnage was the sixth highest at the Port over the past 30 years at 1,552,813 metric tons. Port ship with tug
The Port’s FY 2017-18 budget is projecting a bounce back to an estimated 1,812,000 metric tons of cargo for the next fiscal year, which started July 1, 2017.
Sims Metal Managements’ exports of scrap metal to Asia were up 25 percent to 290,805 metric tons and Pabco Gypsum’s import of gypsum from Mexico doubled to 144,137 metric tons. Pabco uses gypsum in the manufacturing of wallboard.
Even though the demand for construction materials remains high on the Peninsula and in Silicon Valley, particularly for the high-quality sand and aggregates shipped to the Port from British Colombia, these commodities were down for the fiscal year.
Imported aggregate fell from 481,883 metric tons in FY 16 to 337,709 metric tons for FY 17 and imported sand fell from 745,684 metric tons to 702,864 metric tons. Bauxite fell from 68,015 metric tons to 56,913 and domestic sand from 28,853 metric tons to 20,384.
Approximate percentage breakdowns by commodities: imported sand 45.3%, imported aggregates 21.7%, exported scrap metal 18.7%; bauxite ore 3.7%; gypsum rock 9.3%; and, domestic sand 1.3%.
The sand and aggregates, used in the production of concrete, arrive at the Port by ships with self-unloading conveyor systems owned by Canadian Steamship Lines. Eagle Rock Aggregates is the supplier of these high-quality construction aggregates. The company operates the Orca Quarry, located on the northeast coast of Vancouver Island, BC, which has a very first-rate sand and gravel resource with significant long-term reserves.
85 vessels (67 ships and 18 barges) made calls during the year, compared to 97 vessels the year before.

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