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June 14, 2017 

Wetland Restoration IS Working at Eden Landing
Wetland Restoration IS Working at Eden Landing
Wetland Restoration IS Working
Video Short #4 has arrived – Got a minute?
We love sharing the good news about what our partnership is doing to restore and protect wetland habitats throughout the nine Bay Area counties.

Our 4th in
the series features the restoration work going on at Eden Landing thanks to the diligent oversight of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife along with countless other efforts by a slew of SFBJV partners.  With funding provided by Ducks Unlimited and the Wildlife Conservation Board, our latest video shows how the  salt making history of the region is being transformed into a variety of wetland habitats that support wildlife while providing recreation opportunities for us all.

We couldn’t do what we do without you and this video is a way to say thank you!  If you have one minute, please watch.  Then let us know if you like it and feel free to use it as content on your website, Facebook page or any other social media.   We want this kind of news to get around!  You’ll also find sharing tips alongside each on our
And in case you were wondering – the awesome Western Snowy Plover chick photos came from Plover Program Director, Karine Tokatlian at San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory – Thank you!
Our Partners Are People … Hello John Krause 
When John Krause began his job as a Wildlife Biologist with the CA Department of Fish and Wildlife in 2001, the restoration at Eden Landing was already underway, having started in 1996 with the acquisition of what is known as the Baumberg Tract.

Since then he’s been overseeing the project on a day to day basis, spending time in the field where, according to John, he “can transform a pond from one condition to another over a period of weeks, and see the bird response to [his] actions in real time.” It’s a lot to do for one person on any given day, but in partnership with many other individuals and organizations, he feels like they are all making a real difference.  In sync with the release of our video short on
Eden Landing, we thought it a good time to put the spotlight on John for his contributions to this most amazing project.  

And as a note:   John is not only a rock star in the wetland restoration world, he is actually a real rock star in his spare time playing with his band “Sticky’s Backyard”.

If you want to read more about what
John does on his days on (or off), or aboutEden Landing, both will be features on our website for the weeks to come.   
       Grants with Deadlines   
By June 30
These grants need to  go through a state agency and are best set up with the help of our Coordinator Beth Huning.  
By June 30 
The Coastal Conservancy will provide technical assistance to help vulnerable communities develop Climate Ready Projects through this program.
By June 30 
This National Park Service program partners with community groups, nonprofits, tribes, and state and local governments to design trails and parks, conserve and improve access to rivers, protect special places, and create recreation opportunities 
By July 11
2017 National Wildlife Refuge Friends Request for Proposals
This national program provides competitive grants ($1,500 – $15,000) to creative and innovative proposals that seek to increase the number and effectiveness of organizations interested in assisting the Refuge System nationwide.

By July 14

Proposition 1 Restoration Grant Programs (CDFW)
Approved projects will contribute to the objectives of California Water Action Plan & State Wildlife Action Plan, the Delta Plan, California EcoRestore and the fulfillment of CDFW’s mission.

By July 24
The NAWCA program provides matching grants to wetlands conservation  
projects in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. There is a Standard and a  
Small Grants Program. Both are competitive grants programs and require that grant requests be matched by partner contributions at no less than a 1-to-1 ratio. 
Ongoing Grants
More grants with deadlines later in the year, as well as others that have no deadlines or are ongoing, can be found on our funding page.   

JOBS with deadlinesthese change frequently, to stay current check our  jobs page 
By June 18     Development AssistantSonoma Land Trust
By June 21      Resource Conservationist – Alameda Co. Resource Cons. District 
By June 22      Website developer RFP – Rio Grande Joint Venture 
By June 25      Community Science Program Manager  – One Tam 
By July 1          Program Coordinator  – Living Arroyos
By July 15        Ecological Restoration & Volunteer Management Interns – GGNPC  
JOBS with no deadlines
Office Manager – Marin Conservation League
 Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy    
Membership Program Manager – Sonoma Land Trust
In the News 
Upcoming Deadlines
  Beth Huning – Coordinator
 Sandra Scoggin – Assistant Coordinator
Caroline Warner – Public Outreach Coordinator 
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