Port of Redwood City CURRENTS Newsletter for April 12, 2016

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Port Featured in Cover Story in April Issue of Redwood City Climate Magazine
The current issue of Redwood City Climate Magazine contains a cover story entitled: “Port a Tale of Time and Tides: No Port, No Redwood City,” an article by veteran journalist Don Shoecraft.
This is the link to the magazine and article:  http://www.climaterwc.com/issue/apr-2016/
Key quotes from Shoecraft’s article:
  •  “The Port survives as a very busy and profitable enterprise…because technology needs bauxite, sand, stone, and many other items the Port’s customers provide.  There would be no new campus for Apple Computer. There would be no new SalesForce tower downtown.”
  • Construction materials imports “disperse to thousands of jobsites, from the nether reaches of San Jose to the upper reaches of San Francisco, some famous, some obscure, but all benefitting by a bit of the brawny business of the Port of Redwood City.”
  • “Port of Redwood City commerce is so important to the region the President of the United States keeps it in the nation’s budget, making sure the ineffable creep of siltation does not shut it down, a federal concern since 1882.”
  • “(A) broad economic base helps the Port sustain an annual subvention to the City of Redwood City that amounts to between $400,000 and $500,000 per year.” (The Port operates with no tax funds).
  • “There’s been a lot of growth at the Port,” says Kathryn Reyes, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Project Manager.

 Sea Scouts Launch Refurbished Whaleboat at Port
The Sea Scout Ship Gryphon launched a 26-foot wooden monomoy whaleboat at the Port on March 26.  The Sea Scouts of the South Bay, which are based at the Port of Redwood City, spent two months refurbishing and preparing this old whaleboat so they can use it as a training tool.
Whaleboats have taken on many roles in U.S. history, including their use in the military, as lifeboats onboard merchant and passenger vessels, and as Sea Scout vessels. The scouts have found that the whaleboat helps build comradery and teamwork, according to spokesmanJason Lawrence.
“Now that the whaleboat is restored, the youth will be using it to practice for their upcoming competitions where they will compete with other Sea Scouts from all over the West Coast in speed and precision,” Lawrence said.
Sea Scouts is a division of the Boy Scouts that focuses on teaching nautical skills, teamwork, and leadership to youth between the ages of 13 and 21. The Sea Scout Ship Gryphon has been operating out of the Port of Redwood City for more than 30 years. The Gryphon is always accepting new members and looks forward to making leaders out of today’s youth.
To learn more about their program and to join, go to their website: http://www.sssgryphon.org
Sea Scouts based at Port
Sea Scouts are based at Port of Redwood City

 Photos from “Battle” of Tallships at the Port of Redwood City Last Month 
The tall ships Lady Washington and Hawaiian Chieftain concluded a 12-day stay at the Port of Redwood City March 23.  The historic ships were available for public tours, education programs for K-12 students, and public participation in three-hour battle sails, which are recreations of a typical 18th-century style naval skirmishes. Participants used the same commands and tactics of American warships of the Revolutionary War.
Resident Judy Gutierrez presented these photos from the battle sail.
Lily Gutierrez enjoying battle sail
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