Pesticide Water Quality Criteria Development for the Protection of Aquatic Life

 State Water Resources Control Board This is a message from the California Regional Water Quality Control Board, Central Valley (5).
The Central Valley Water Board has contracted with UC-Davis to develop five pesticide water quality criteria by April 2017. Water quality criteria under development:
  • Oxyfluorfen
  • Prometryn
  • Simazine
  • Trifluralin
  • Fipronil
The draft water quality criteria reports will be posted for public viewing prior to peer review so that the public may submit informal comments on which scientific topics and conclusions should be highlighted in the request for peer review. The public will have approximately 90 days to view the draft reports before comments are due; this comment period will occur simultaneously with the peer review. The final reports including the peer review and public comments and the responses to all comments will be posted in April 2017.
Please click here to see more information on this project and the tentative schedule.
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