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Fidley Watch: April Foolishness

Venerable British shipyard Cammell Laird is engaged in the construction of a vessel for the British government to perform research duties in ice-laden waters of the Antarctic.

The new £200 million ($283 million) Royal Research Ship (RRS) is required meet the science requirements of the UK for a modern, state-of-the-art polar seagoing science platform, and for provision of logistical support for land-based polar science. Built with onboard laboratories, the new 410-foot ship will cruise at 13 knots, with a 19,000-nautical mile range and be capable of breaking ice up to one meter thick at three knots.

A nationwide competition hosted by the Natural Environment Research Council to choose the name of the new vessel garnered suggestions that the ship be named after Henry Worsley, who died earlier this year trying to make the first unassisted solo crossing of the Antarctic…MORE

Friday, April 8, 2016

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Story1Oakland Port Introduces Trucker Phone Apps

By Mark Edward Nero

On April 5, the Port of Oakland introduced two new smart phone applications that provide a tech-based calculation of harbor trucker turn times. It’s something the port predicts could transform containerized cargo handling at seaports…(Read full article)

Story2Shipper Fined in Hawaii Pollution Case

By Mark Edward Nero

A US District Court judge on April 5 accepted the guilty plea of South Korean maritime operations company Doorae Shipping Co., and sentenced the company to pay a $750,000 fine regarding the discharge of oil contaminated bilge water in the waters around the Hawaiian Islands…(Read full article)

Story3Rapp Marine Develops Winch for Baydelta
By Mark Edward Nero

Rapp Marine has developed a unique, fully electric driven double drum tow winch for a new 110 foot by 40 foot tractor tug for Vessel Chartering, a division of San Francisco-based Baydelta Maritime… (Read full article)

Story4SD Port Commissioner Earns National Planning Award
By Mark Edward Nero

Port of San Diego Commissioner Ann Moore has been selected by the American Planning Association for the 2016 National Planning Excellence Award for a Planning Advocate… (Read full article)

Story5Puget Sound Maritime Achievement Award
By Mark Edward Nero

The 2016 Puget Sound Maritime Achievement Award Selection Committee is accepting nominations for this year’s award to be announced at the Seattle Propeller Club’s May Maritime Festival breakfast… (Read full article)

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