DMC 2010 Compendium

27 Most Useful Links to Policy Papers and Studies of  Sea Level Rise and Climate Change provided by government and private sector decision makers in the San Francisco Bay Area

These resources were assembled during the 23rd Annual San Francisco Bay Decisionmakers Conference that took place on April 14, 2010. They were provided to all attendees on the Compendium of Policy Papers and Studies dvd.

# Source/Name Type
1 Reinhard Flick, Scripps Institution of Oceanography: Storm surge in the San Francisco Bay/Delta and nearby coastal locations PDF
2 BPC/BIA Amicus Brief on Milner PDF
3 Government Accountability Office (GAO) Report: Climate Change, Financial Risks to Federal and Private Insurers in Coming Decades are Potentially Significant PDF
4 US Army Corps of Engineers:  Water Resources Policies and Authorities Incorporating Sea-Level Change Considerations in Civil Works Programs PDF
5 California State Lands Commission: A Report on Sea Level Rise Preparedness PDF
6 Living with a Rising Bay—Links back to Bay Plan Amendment. What should we include?? Link
7 San Francisco Bay, Preparing for the Next Level (BCDC project with Dutch partners) PDF
8 Rising Tides, the international design competition: Link
9 The 50 Year Plan “From Channels to Creeks” March 2009 Mitch Avalon, Deputy Chief Engineer, Contra Costa County Flood Control and Water Conservation District PDF
10 Addressing Sea Level Rise for the Treasure Island Development Project PDF
11 BAAQMD CEQA Guidelines Update PDF
12 California’s Climate Plan (AB 32) Fact Sheet, Overview and Timeline PDF
13 Updated Economic Analysis of Climate Plan PDF
14 Overview of California’s Greenhouse Gas Cap-and-Trade Program: PDF
15 Allocating Emissions Allowances Under a California Cap-and-Trade Program: 
Recommendations to the California Air Resources Board and California Environmental Protection Agency from the Economic and Allocation Advisory Committee PDF
16 “West Coast Collaborative” informational brochure. Leverages federal funds to strategically reduce emissions from the most polluting diesel sources PDF
17 Designation of North American Emission Control Area to Reduce Emissions from Ships. EPA Fact sheet on IMO amendment to MARPOL PDF
18 Links of Interest from EPA

West Coast Collaborative (WCC)

WCC listserv

Clean Agriculture

Clean Construction

Clean Ports

Clean School Bus

SmartWay Transport

Ocean-Going Vessels

National Clean Diesel Campaign

19 National Clean Diesel Campaign Fact Sheet PDF
20 US EPA’s “Current Methodologies in Preparing Mobile Source Port-Related Emission Inventories” April 2009 PDF
21 SmartWay overview brochure, SmartWay goal is to improve the environmental performance of the freight delivery system in the United States PDF

Second IMO GHG Study 2009 Update of the 2000 IMO GHG Study Executive Summary , April, 2009

23 Hayward Area Shoreline Planning Agency Level Rise Study PDF
24 Policies for the Bay Area’s Implementation of Senate Bill 375 PDF
25 Pacific Institute: The Impacts of Sea Level Rise on the California Coast

26 California State Coastal Conservancy: Governor’s Climate Change Action Plan, California Climate Adaptation Strategy

27 List of Links provided by Doug Daugherty of ENVIRON

USEPA Rule Making

Waiver for California Tailpipe Emissions Standards –

GHG Reporting Rule

Final Endangerment Finding

GHG Emission Standards For Motor Vehicles – factsheet:

Reconsideration of Johnson Memo re GHG From Major Sources:


Proposed PSD/Title V Tailoring Rule

EPA’s decision that PSD and Title V permitting requirements will not apply to GHGs until at least January 2, 2011

ARB Rulemaking under AB32

GHG reporting Rule

Preliminary Draft Cap and Trade Regulations –