Asm. Chiu Discusses Ferry System Expansion, Waterfront TOD


Assemblymember David Chiu (D-San Francisco) joined the BPC Government Affairs Committee this month to discuss the opportunity to expand regional water transit service and support transit-oriented development around existing and planned ferry terminals across the Bay Area. As Chair of the Housing and Community Development Committee, Asm. Chiu is working to address the state’s severe housing crisis by enabling more housing development near transit hubs, including authoring legislation last year that facilitated the development of housing and mixed-use development next to BART stations. Asm. Chiu and BPC members discussed the opportunity to support similar transit-oriented development next to ferry terminals, many of which are currently adjacent to surface parking lots on the waterfront.

Asm. Chiu emerged as the state’s leading advocate for water transit expansion when he helped secure significant new funding to expand the San Francisco Bay Ferry system in the Regional Measure 3 expenditure plan. He continues to highlight the opportunity to use the bay as a transportation resource to connect an increasing number of housing, employment, and recreation centers on the waterfront. Bay Planning Coalition looks forward to working with the Assemblymember to support ferry system expansion and the development of sustainable communities on the waterfront. Special thanks to Cox, Castle & Nicholson LLP for hosting this meeting.