Climate Leaders Discuss Turning Infrastructure Funding into Action

On June 4th Bay Planning Coalition hosted federal, state, and regional leaders to explore how the Bay Area can quickly plan and implement resilient infrastructure projects to strengthen our economic future. Speakers analyzed the opportunity of a federal infrastructure package and state budget surplus funding to invest in key resilient infrastructure projects throughout the Bay Area. Panelists included climate change leaders Congressman Mark DeSauliner, Assemblymember Kevin Mullin, and Chair Amy Worth (Bay Area Regional Collaborative), who discussed how to appropriately plan projects to respond to the climate crisis at a regional scale and how to prioritize funding amidst so many other pressing policy issues. The program was keynoted by California State Controller Betty Yee, who highlighted the state’s efforts to strengthen both its economic and climate resilience. Controller Yee also discussed the lessons learned from this pandemic and how to “future proof” our economy to minimize the shocks and stressors of future events. The event concluded with breakout sessions, which allowed audience members to offer input about how the region should prioritize resilient infrastructure investments. Special thanks to all of our generous sponsors who made this event possible. You can view a recording of the event here.