2023 Fall Summit

The Fall Summit aims to follow up on the key discussions and insights from our previous conversation in May at BPC’s Spring Summit. As our region faces growing challenges related to climate change, emergencies, and natural disasters, this event will review risk mitigation solutions and risk assessment practices.

The event will feature two panels:

Restoration & Adaptation for Risk Reduction: This panel will explore strategies and best practices our region can employ to mitigate risks and ensure a sustainable future.

Risk Assessment & Insurance in an Emergency-Prone State: This panel will discuss risk assessment and insurance as communities and businesses face impacts due to climate change. Our expert panelists will review the latest approaches in risk assessment and the role of insurance in bolstering resilience against potential emergencies

In addition to these two panels, we are thrilled to announce that Ricardo Lara, California’s Insurance Commissioner, will be joining us as our keynote speaker.

Sponsorship Options

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