California Water Boards Basin Plan Mapping Project

  • Member News
  • by BPC Staff
  • on November 18, 2020

The California Water Boards have released the Basin Plan Mapping Project, a GIS dataset that contains information about beneficial uses and waterbody segments as identified in regional Basin Plans (which are also known as water quality control plans). 

 Please check out the Basin Plan Portal for more information about the Basin Plan Mapping Project! The portal is home to:

  • The Basin Plan Mapping Project (BPMP) Map – a clickable, zoomable map that allows the user to select a waterbody and display the beneficial uses in a pop-up window or download in a tabular format 
  • The Basin Plan Mapping Project Story Map – an interactive guide for those wanting to learn more beneficial uses, why they matter and how to use the BPMP Map
  • Data download via the California Basin Plan GIS Library –  includes a statewide map image layer, regional feature layer datasets, regional geodatabase downloads, and statewide web applications
  • Additional documentation and contact information

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