Mid-Year Update results are in! Port of Redwood City

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  • by BPC Staff
  • on March 30, 2020

We are now in the twentieth year of the twenty-first century, and while the Port has been active since the mid 1800’s, we continue to see tremendous growth over the last few years,  further demonstrating our value to the region. The Port’s mid-year milestone continues that trend. For the first 6-months of the fiscal year, we moved 1.24 million tons of cargo through our Port and generated $4.7 million in economic impact, sustaining the previous years’ $4.7 million in revenue for the same period. The Port is on track to equal previous year’s success.  This should not be surprising as our Port has stood strong bringing in the raw construction materials that have historically built the region and continue to build Silicon Valley.


The Port’s positive mid-year update demonstrate how maritime trade and commercial business on the waterfront continue to support the economy with well-paying jobs, fuel the regional construction industry and make waterfront recreation available to the community. Every day, our Port is conducting international trade. For example, during this 6-month period we hosted cargo from Australia, China, Mexico, and Canada. Export destinations included Bangladesh, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia.


In addition to focusing on commerce and trade, we are activating the recreational waterfront for the community. We recently commissioned new public art and began offering permits for residents and business’ to host waterfront events. We welcome our community to enjoy and learn about the Port and our waterfront.


Kristine A. Zortman

Executive Director, Port of Redwood City

Shipping on water

makes building on land possible

What does the Port of Redwood City have to do with the construction industry? Maritime shipping brings in needed supplies for the construction projects, to advance development projects. Our industrial waterfront tenants including Cemex, IMI and Pabco Gypsum import materials needed for our region’s booming construction industry.

·     Pabco Gypsum brings in gypsum used in the creation of wallboard for both interior and exterior uses.

·     Cemex provides cement, slag, and concrete, along with aggregates used to build our local region.

·     International Materials, Inc. (IMI) imports bauxite another commodity for increasing the structural integrity of construction materials.


These interconnected tenants all fuel regional construction to ensure we can keep building a strong future for Silicon Valley.

Get ready for

a waterfront makeover!

The public fishing pier on our waterfront is getting more than just a facelift – we are investing $2 million dollars to construct a new pier for everyone’s enjoyment. The reconstructed pier will be ADA compliant, offer enhanced viewing opportunities of the waterfront, include new signage of the local fish species, and provide a modern pier structure for the community to step out on the water.


Additionally, we are improving our adjacent waterfront open space with new BBQ pit installations with seating and shade structures for those warm days when you need a shady spot to relax.


Construction of the fishing pier is expected to occur in the summer and fall with the goal of opening again later this year. Residents will be able to soak up the sunshine on the waterfront throughout the installation period and take full advantage of our recreation amenities during construction.

We do believe in ferries!

MOU brings a South Bay ferry one step closer to reality

The City of Redwood City’s City Council and the Port of Redwood City’s Board of Port Commissioners each approved a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Water Emergency Transportation Authority bringing ferry service to South Bay a reality. This is a major step to incorporate the Port of Redwood City into the San Francisco Bay ferry network that includes the cities of San Francisco, Alameda, Oakland, South San Francisco, Vallejo, and last year’s addition of Richmond.


The ferry would provide alternative transportation for local commuters and help reduce traffic congestion, not to mention improve the view for commuters! Once the project moves forward, the Port of Redwood City will host the first stop south of the City of South San Francisco and anticipate connections from our Port to San Francisco and East Bay.


The MOU will move the project through the feasibility study and business plan phases of the project. The WETA Board of Trustees will consider the MOU for approval later this month.