Adapting to Rising Tides Bay Area: Port of San Francisco Meeting Recap & Next Steps

Adapting to Rising Tides (ART) Bay Area – Port of San Francisco Meeting Recap

Thanks very much to those of you who were able to join us at the Port of San Francisco (on a very rainy day) on Tuesday, November 27th. During this meeting, we learned about the ongoing regional work being done for the ART Bay Area project. The group’s insights during the breakout sessions helped us identify potential indicators as we further develop the Regional Sea Level Rise Assessment Framework, which seeks to help inform regional prioritization as part of the ART Bay Area project.


The meeting on Tuesday provided opportunities for the RWG and project team to:


·     Learn about the development of the Regional Sea Level Rise Assessment Framework and preliminary indicators selected to inform regional vulnerability and consequence;

·     Review the indicators selected and provide feedback on additional indicators to consider;

·     Hear from the ART team with a snapshot of regional vulnerability results for transportation, Priority Development Areas, and Vulnerable Communities; and

·     Learn about the Natural Capital Project’s ecosystem services modeling results for Priority Conservation Areas and natural lands around the region.

Next Steps

While we received great input from everyone during our breakout sessions, we would like to offer the opportunity for those who attended to provide additional feedback on indicators for the framework and an opportunity for those who couldn’t make it to weigh in. In particular we are looking for information on regional, publicly available data sets that can be used in the indicators.


Please click the blue box with the survey link on the right to add additional input on indicators, or provide overall comments or feedback about the meeting.

The project team is finalizing the results of our vulnerability assessments and organizing the information into profile sheets by operational landscape units (OLUs). By summarizing our results this way, we are able to discuss the interconnected vulnerabilities of our asset categories and advance conversations about vulnerability and consequence that span sectors and jurisdictions. We believe this is important as we begin to move into the next phase of our project in adaptation planning.


We will be scheduling three sub-regional meetings to take place in January and February of 2019. These meetings will dive into regionally-specific OLU vulnerability results and will be held in the Peninsula/South Bay, North Bay and East Bay. If you have a venue that holds 50+ people and would like to host one of these subregional meetings, please contact Jaclyn. We will provide more information about our next meetings in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

Couldn’t Join Us? All Meeting Materials Online

All meeting materials (slides of presentations, notes, and exercise handouts) are posted on the RWG page. Some draft materials are password protected(password: artrwg).

Thanks again for a productive meeting! Please reach out with any questions, comments, or feedback.


Best wishes,


The ART Bay Area Team

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