Adapting to Rising Tides Bay Area: Online Meeting Recap & Next Steps

Adapting to Rising Tides (ART) Bay Area – Online Meeting Recap
Greetings ART Bay Area Regional Working Group (RWG),
Thanks very much to those of you who were able to join us for our fifth Regional Working Group (RWG) online meeting on Tuesday, September 25th.
We hope you enjoyed hearing from our project partners in ART Bay Area. Below is a quick recap of the topics covered with links to the presenters contact information if you’d like to reach out further:
·     Welcome: Steve Goldbeck, Deputy Director of BCDC, provided an update on the ART Bay Area project, we conducting vulnerability assessments and developing a regional assessment framework we look forward to sharing with you soon.
·     Public Engagement Strategy: Will Dominie from the Bay Area Regional Health Inequalities Initiatives (BARHII) provided background on their approach to community engagement and shared the two sites that have been selected for deep community engagement in East Palo Alto and Eastern Contra Costa;
·     Horizon Initiative: Dana Brechwald from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) gave an update their Horizon work and the next Plan Bay Area, and how the research of ART Bay Area will be leveraged throughout this process; and
·     ART Bay Shoreline Flood Explorer: Todd Hallenbeck from the ART Team gave an update on our new online interactive tool that helps communicate and visualize flood risk and is uniquely suited to support adaptation planning in the San Francisco Bay.
Feedback on Online Meeting Approach
We were excited to conduct our first online meeting, as we continue to find news ways to share information and engage with stakeholders in the Regional Working Group. We would like to give you an opportunity to provide your feedback on how the online meeting went and if you’d like to see online meetings again in the future. We kindly ask you to complete the quick poll to the right as well as provide additional feedback through the survey link below.
Overall, were you satisfied with the webinar approach for this RWG meeting?
Next Steps
The ART team is continuing to conduct vulnerability assessments and draft profile sheets organized by Operational Landscape Unit (OLU). We have also been developing the regional assessment framework and look forward to sharing this preliminary work soon.
We will be scheduling the next regional working group meeting shortly. At this meeting, we will be sharing the preliminary work of the regional assessment framework and indicator development, as well as presenting findings of our regional vulnerability overview. Stay tuned!
Couldn’t Join Us? All Meeting Materials Online
All meeting materials (slides, notes on Q&A) are posted on the RWG page (password: artrwg).
Thanks again for a productive meeting! Please reach out with any questions, comments, or feedback. 
Best wishes,
The ART Bay Area Team
Learn more about the ART Bay Shoreline Flood Explorer
At this meeting, you had a chance to preview our new online tool to help visualize current and future flood risk in the Bay Area from storms and sea level rise. Visit the site at
For more information see the Explorer Handout, or contact Todd Hallenbeck.


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