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September 19, 2018 

2018 Duck Stamp winner
When the birds come back to the Bay Area
Yes, the days are getting shorter and the diminishing light is casting longer shadows, but for some of us, this is the best season in the Bay Area because it means the birds are coming back!  Which bird do you most look forward to seeing again in the weeks ahead?  Let us know!
September’s action in the National Geographic “Year of the Bird” campaign is all about helping migratory birds.  They share an article on how better glass can save birds and state that an estimated 600 million birds die in collisions with windows in the U.S. and Canada every year!  In the same spirit, Audubon offers three ways you can help birds this fall in this story.  And finally, the NY Times recently featured an op-ed by two scientists at Cornell’s Lab of Ornithology on the “Deadly Lure of City Lights” showing how people are making a real difference in reducing bird loss to man-made causes. 
And here’s some other bird related news we would like to call your attention to: 
  • Representative Jackie Speier has re-introduced a version of the San Francisco Bay Restoration Act which, if passed, would authorize an expanded SF Bay Program within EPA – from 5-7 million to 25 million annually for FY19 through FY23.  This would be in line with other major estuaries such as Chesapeake Bay, the Great Lakes, and Puget Sound. You can read more about it in this San Mateo Daily Journal article that just came out.
  • NABCI just launched a website filled with ‘human dimension success stories’ that show the utility and importance of integrating social science into bird conservation with examples from across the country.
  • The Federal Duck Stamp contest was held last weekend in Las Vegas.  The winnerthis year was Scot Storm of Freeport, Minnesota with his acrylic painting of a Wood Duck and decoy.  The Duck Stamp is a great and easy way to support wildlife and habitat conservation.  You can buy yours online here.
  • NAWCA small grants are due October 18 and if you are considering applying, contact Beth Huning a.s.a.p. These grants can be up to $100,000 and need at least a 1:1 match. They are nationally competitive, so advance planning is encouraged.  And on a similar note, the deadline to apply for the Neotropical Migratory Bird Conservation Act grant program is November 6.  These projects need to have an international connection to be funded.
  • And … if you can’t get outside to go birding right now, you can always geek out on Golden Gate Audubon’s osprey live cam – SF Bay’s first Osprey camera located at the East side of the Richmond Bridge. 
Grants with Deadlines   
By September 27
The California Natural Resources Agency will be awarding approximately 7 million for the acquisition, protection, restoration and development of river parkways in a one-time funding cycle.  
By September 30
The Honda Marine Science Foundation is an initiative to help restore marine ecosystems and facilitate climate change resilience by supporting efforts that improve and preserve coastal areas for future generations in Wa, Or, CA and Hawaii. 
By October 3
The goal of this program is to measurably reduce plastic pollution before it reaches the ocean.
By October 18
These projects must involve long-term protection, restoration, and/or enhancement of wetlands and associated uplands habitats for the benefit of all wetlands-associated migratory birds and it is recommended you apply well in advance and coordinate with Beth Huning.   
By October 26
This solicitation will be for Scientific Studies only and fund projects that will provide fisheries or ecosystem benefits or improvements that are greater than required applicable environmental mitigation measures or compliance obligations. 
By October 29 
Projects awarded through this grant competition will create long-term, quantifiable ecological habitat improvements for NOAA trust resources through on-the-ground marine debris removal activities, with priority for those targeting derelict fishing gear and other medium- and large-scale debris  
By October 31
The goal of this RFP is to determine effective ways to market wildlife to inspire positive action to save species by applying principles of science communication. 
By November 6
This program supports the DOI and FWS mission of protecting and managing the nation’s natural resources by collaborating with partners and stakeholders to conserve land and water and to expand outdoor recreation and access.  
Ongoing Grants
Many more grants with deadlines later in the year, as well as others that have no deadlines or are ongoing may be found on our comprehensive funding pageIf you have a grant we should know about please contact Caroline Warner. 
JOBS with deadlinesthese change frequently, to stay current check our jobs page
and if you have one to post, please send that information to Caroline Warner.
Sept 24
Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority
Sept 28
Grassroots Ecology
October 1
Ca Department of Fish and Wildlife
October 14
Golden Gate National Parks with
October 15
Department of Environmental Studies San Jose State University
October 22
One Tam
October 31
University of California – Davis
JOBS with no deadline that have been posted since our last Bulletin.     
Elkhorn Slough Foundation
Sonoma Land Trust
Hanford Applied Restoration & Conservation
Marin Municipal Water District
Marin/Sonoma Mosquito & Vector Control
The Packard Foundation
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