Outsmart Disaster Campaign September 2018 Update

Outsmart Disaster Campaign Moves Statewide
As we enter into the fall of 2018, our campaign will make a marked shift towards expanding communication efforts to a statewide audience. As a part of this strategic communications pivot, all campaign messaging and branding will now lead primarily with the HayWired brand’s call-to-action “Outsmart Disaster”. The science of the HayWired Scenario will continue to inform our campaign’s strategy, however, public-facing communications will become more inclusive of all statewide efforts to prepare for and recover from natural disasters that affect California communities.

The goal of this shift is to create a higher level of statewide awareness that will allow for the campaign to more effectively spread the “Outsmart Disaster” message ahead of the 
Great Shakeout events being organized across California in the month of October.

Keep an eye out for new messaging and creative materials on the Outsmart Disaster 
website, as well as our social media accounts, in the coming weeks as these updates roll out. 

Outsmart Disaster: By the Numbers
Visits to Outsmart Disaster Website
Resilient Business Challenge Participants

Total Social Media Fans & Followers

Total Impressions on Social Media
*All figures as of September 24, 2018

For ongoing updates regarding the scenario and campaign, please visit outsmartdisaster.com or follow @HayWiredCA on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
Watch Now: Improving Business Disaster Resilience Webinar
Did you miss this webinar from the experts at the Seismic Safety Commission, the Business Consumer Services and Housing Agency, and CSAC? 

the video to learn more about the steps that businesses can take to improve their resilience in the face of disaster, and what counties can do to help support these efforts.
Resilient Business Challenge
Fires. Mudslides. Earthquakes. You name it, the state of California has experienced it.
We rely on businesses and technology every day, if not every second. Is your building safe? Is your data secure? Have you considered how your employees will be impacted by a natural disaster? 
Campaign Resources: Local Government Toolkit
Are you looking to support the Outsmart Disaster Campaign?

We have created a resources toolkit that will be updated monthly and can be downloaded directly from our website. Please visit the “Resources” tab on the homepage to learn how local governments across the state can support our campaign efforts.
Become a Partner
Learn more about becoming a partner and the valuable opportunities that are available with the Outsmart Disaster campaign.


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