ART Bay Area June 19 Meeting Recap

Adapting to Rising Tides (ART) Bay Area Richmond Meeting Recap
Greetings ART Bay Area Regional Working Group (RWG),
Thanks very much to those of you who were able to join us in Richmond (or tune in online) on Tuesday, June 19th. The group’s insights and questions during the breakout sessions helped us identify the ways in which the shared vulnerabilities of shorelines assets and communities are connected and interrelated.
The meeting provided an opportunity for the RWG and project team to:
·     Discuss how ART Bay Area is leveraging parallel initiatives around the region on:
·     Operational Landscape Units (OLUs) (with the San Francisco Estuary Institute and SPUR)
·     Ecosystem service modeling (with the Natural Capital Project)
·     Assessments of regional interdependence of the Bay shoreline (with the RISER Project, Berkeley)
·     Review an example of how the project team is aggregating results at the OLU and regional scale
Next Steps
While we got great input from everyone during our breakout sessions, we regret that we did not have more time for Q & A. As such, we’re circulating this form so you can share any questions or comments about the meeting presentations or process overall that we did not have a chance to discuss as a group.  
The project team is currently drafting profile sheets (summaries of vulnerability) organized by OLU. We greatly appreciate critical feedback by stakeholders who can add new perspectives on vulnerability, and point us in the direction of local plans, guidance, and community groups we have not yet come across.You can sign up to review profiles of specific OLUs using the form above.
We will be scheduling our next working group meeting soon. At this meeting, we will continue presenting our vulnerability assessment findings, and we will gather input on how to systematically identify which vulnerabilities we should prioritize during our adaptation planning phase
Couldn’t Join Us? All Meeting Materials Online
All meeting materials (slides with audio recording of presentations, notes, maps, and handouts) are posted on the RWG page. Some draft materials are password protected(password: artrwg).
Thanks again for a productive meeting! Please reach out with any questions, comments, or feedback. 
Best wishes,
The ART Bay Area Team
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