Four Twenty Seven TCFD Report and Webinar

You’re Invited to a 427 Webinar:
Metrics for Climate Risks Disclosure
The EBRD and GCECA released today the report,  Advancing TCFD guidance on physical climate risks and opportunities, with detailed recommendations on metrics for physical climate risks and opportunities. 

To learn more about this milestone report and emerging practices for including physical climate risks in TCFD disclosures, join our special 
webinar on June 12 and 13. There will be two sessions of the same webinar to accommodate multiple time zones.
June 12 at 8am PT / 11am ET / 4pm CET: 
13 June at 9am HKT/SGT / 10am JST / 11am AEST (June 12 at 6pm PT):
  1. Metrics and emerging best practices for physical climate risks disclosures under Art. 173 and TCFD
Emilie Mazzacurati, Founder and CEO, will present key findings from the EBRD-GCECA report: Advancing TCFD guidance on physical climate risks and opportunities and emerging practices in physical risk reporting.
  1. Using climate data to assess physical climate risks
Nik Steinberg, Director of Analytics, will discuss challenges and tools for using climate data for business decisions.
  1. Building corporate resilience
Yoon Kim, Director of Advisory Services, will discuss do’s and don’ts of scenario analysis and share examples of innovation in corporate resilience-building.
  1. Opportunities for investors
Frank Freitas, Chief Development Officer, will discuss corporate engagement opportunities for investors and approaches to integrating climate change into investment strategies.
  1. Q&A
The webinar will include extended time for live Q&A


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