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April 25, 2018 
photo by Michael Macor with San Francisco Chronicle
Michael Macor
Thank You Bay Area!  The first measure AA funds to be distributed provide close to 20 million dollars for 8 projects around the Bay!
On April 11, at a meeting of the San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority, the first eight projects to receive funding from the passage of Measure AA were announced.  In the words of San Mateo County Supervisor Dave Pine, “this represents the start of a new era for Bay Area restoration.  For the first time, we have a reliable source of substantial year-on-year funding, which will allow for the long-term planning and implementation necessary for large-scale restoration.  And large-scale restoration is what we need to restore our Bay in the face of climate change.” 

The eight grants approved provide multiple benefits, and prioritize nature-based solutions to create flood protection and public access, in addition to the primary aim of restoring habitat and natural processes.  We congratulate all the SFBJV partners who were awarded funding!  A complete list of funded projects can be found in
the Press Release announcing this first round of distributions.   The next grant cycle and solicitation will go out some time in the fall.

This is indeed good news for all of us, made possible because the people of the Bay Area elected to support wetland restoration with the passage of measure AA in June of 2016.  If you want to be in on sharing the good news that wetland restoration IS working, we’ve got 6 short videos that were made to help you do just that!  You’ll find each of them, with sharing strategies, on our
media page.   
Have we got an offering for you:  a Search Inside Yourself (SIY) training!
What began as a mindful leadership initiative within Google, Search Inside yourself has now spread to over 30 countries and 100 cities around the world.   So what is it?   SIY is a 2 day training that strives to develop a more effective, collaborative and inclusive workplace.  The goal of the program is to help people reduce stress and experience greater overall well being, increase creativity and innovation, improve communication and collaboration skills, and develop outstanding leadership.
The program includes sessions on mindfulness (the science of being present),  self-awareness, self-management, motivation, empathy, and leadership  – which SIY defines as ‘influencing with compassion.’

The SF Bay Joint Venture has been invited to offer this program to anyone in our partnership who would be interested, and at no cost!   Space is limited to 30 people.   The course will be held June 7 & 8.   You can sign up
here or email Caroline Warner to learn more.
Amaris Vicari will lead us through the experience.  Amaris is passionate about the intersection of mindfulness and work. She has studied mindfulness at Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (SIYLI) and has completed their Engage program dedicated to bringing mindfulness to the workplace. 
Long Term Management Strategy (LTMS) workshop APRIL 26
On April 26, the LTMS will be hosting a workshop at the State Building in Oakland where you can learn about how the Long Term Management Strategy for Placement of Dredged Sediment was formed, how navigation dredging is managed in the Bay, what the beneficial reuse goals are, and what the status is of permitting measures that are currently being implemented.  You will also learn about the Dredged Material Management (DMMO) database and about the SediMatch program that focuses on matching sediment suppliers with restoration projects and how to use the SediMatch web tool as well as how to help with future enhancements to the tool.  Find more details here.  
Grants with Deadlines   
May 1
Patagonia Environmental Grants
Patagonia funds only environmental work and is most interested in providing grants to organizations that identify and work on the root causes of problems and that approach issues with a commitment to long-term change

May 4

Multistate Conservation Grant Program
The Multistate Conservation Grant Program (MSCGP) funds projects that address regional or national level priorities of state fish and wildlife agencies.

May 11

2018 Better Together Resilient Communities
PG&E will award four individual grants of $100,000 to grant proposals that address local resilience to climate change particularly those that will help communities prepare for increased frequency and severity of extreme heat events.

May 14

Wetland Program Development Grant
This program assists state, tribal, local government agencies and interstate/ intertribal entities in developing or refining programs which protect, manage, and restore wetlands. The primary focus of these grants is to develop/refine state and tribal wetland programs.

May 18

Climate Adaptation and Resiliency Program
This program puts Cap-and-Trade dollars to work reducing greenhouse gas emissions, strengthening the economy, and improving public health and the environment particularly in priority populations, which include disadvantaged communities, low-income communities, and low-income households.

May 18

Natural Resource Conservation Service Easement program
NRCS is directing resources toward the restoration of degraded wetlands, floodplains, forestlands, and associated uplands.

By June 20

Environmental Enhancement and Mitigation Program
Eligible projects must be directly or indirectly related to the environmental impact of the modification of an existing transportation facility or construction of a new transportation facility.

By June 29

National Coastal Wetlands Conservation Grant Program
These grants provide up to $1 million to coastal and Great Lakes states, as well as U.S. territories, to protect, restore and enhance coastal wetland ecosystems and associated uplands.
Ongoing Grants
Many more grants with deadlines later in the year, as well as others that have no deadlines, are ongoing, or have not yet been updated with 2018 information may be   found on our comprehensive funding pageIf you have a grant we should know about please contact Caroline Warner. 
JOBS with deadlinesthese change frequently, to stay current check our jobs page
and if you have one to post, please send that information to Caroline Warner
April 30
Audubon Canyon Ranch
April 30
Invasive Spartina Project
May 4
Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority
May 4
San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC)
May 6
Friends of Sausal Creek
May 9
Marin Municipal Water District
June 29
Watershed Steward Program
JOBS open until filled 
Marin Municipal Water District
Solano Land Trust
Natural Resources division of California State Parks
California Native Plant Society
Elkhorn Slough Foundation
Point Blue Conservation Science
Ducks Unlimited
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