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AUGUST 15, 2017 

Anne Morkill, FWS
SFBJV Executive Committee passes the torch
Korie Schaeffer, NOAA
In this Bulletin we acknowledge several partners who are either stepping up to or down from an important SFBJV leadership role.  Our Management Board chair customarily changes every year or two and while committee chairs have no set time limit, there is a passing of the torch going on in our Conservation Delivery Committee at the end of the summer too!

First we want to thank our outgoing Chair, Anne Morkill, of the US Fish & Wildlife Service for her time and dedication to the JV these past two years.   Under Anne’s leadership, the major task of revising our Implementation Plan (IP) was set in motion and given legs. In addition, we received the benefits of her dedication to promoting employee excellence. Anne will continue to provide leadership as the Chair of the Structure and Governance Team for the revision, all the while serving as Refuge Complex Manager of the great 
SF Bay National Wildlife Refuge Complex
At this time, we welcome our new Management Board Chair, Korie Schaeffer with NOAA Fisheries. Korie was one of the leaders that developed the Subtidal Habitat Goals Report in 2010, making her leadership of the SFBJV timely as we plan for and integrate additional habitats and species into our IP and tracking systems. 
Marc Holmes,             Bay Institute
Marc Holmes of The Bay Institute was one of the founders of our Joint Venture and served as our very first Management Board Chair in 1997. He has remained active on the Board, chaired our Conservation Delivery  (CD) Committee for the past 15 years and sits on the IP revision team. In his important role as CD chair, he has lead project managers and scientists in our planning for and delivery of wetland habitat projects that benefit multiple wildlife species. We are ever grateful to Marc for his commitment to the SFBJV and his leadership for these many years … and will continue to welcome him in any role he chooses within the conservation community!
Caitlin Sweeney, SFEP
Caitlin Sweeney, Executive Director of the San Francisco Estuary Partnership (SFEP), will replace Marc as the new Chair of the CD Committee. Caitlin spearheaded the 2016 completion of SFEP’s Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan – or Estuary Blueprint – which shares many of the SFBJV goals and actions, several of which we either have a lead role on or “own”.  Caitlin’s leadership will help us integrate our habitat planning and delivery programs with the Blueprint.
Jeff McCreary, DU
Finally, as we transition the position of Management Board Chair, we also have elected a new Vice Chair – Jeff McCreary.  Jeff is the Director of Conservation Programs for the Western Regional office of Ducks Unlimited (DU), an important leader for us since our founding, and a major habitat delivery partner.  Jeff has been on our Management Board for several years, is active in the Government Affairs Committee and Chairs the IP Team (originally co-chairing with Anne) and providing pivotal guidance to the revision.  Jeff brings a wealth of experience having served as the chair for other western Joint Ventures including Intermountain West and Central Valley.

To all of you we say, thank you AND we couldn’t do our restoration work without you!  
SF Bay JV Management Board with Staff at our 20th anniversary – October 2016
Grant Davis, former SFBJV management board member, 
appointed to be Director of the Department of Water Resources

We want to congratulate Grant Davis on his appointment by Governor Brown to the position of Director of the California Department of Water Resources. Grant has been active with the SFBJV since it’s founding in 1996, first as an aide to Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey, then as Executive Director of The Bay Institute with whom the SFBJV shared an office for several years. Grant served as SFBJV Management Board Chair in 2000-2001 and continued to be an ally of our wetland restoration efforts during his tenure as Director of the Sonoma County Water Agency.  Way to go, and keep up the good work Grant! 
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