Pacific Maritime Magazine Online for August 22, 2017

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Your Money’s Worth 
By Chris Philips, Managing Editor  
In 1994, the US Coast Guard stopped training its cadets in Morse code and changed the name of the rating from “radioman” to “information systems technician.”

In 2010 the Coast Guard Navigation Center in Alexandria, Virginia coordinated the shutdown of the North American Long Range Navigation-C signal.

The reason for both of these actions was the advent of modern technology. While some may disagree with the decision, one can be sure that modern technology has taken the place of the older systems…. 

Tuesday, August 22, 2017
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Story1USCG Arctic Dive Operations
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Story2San Diego Facility Closure
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The Shelter Island Boat Launch Facility will be closed after Labor Day weekend until March 2018 to allow the Port of San Diego to finalize the improvement project…(Read full article)
Story3New CBP Director
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US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) formally instated its new port director for the Los Angeles/Long Beach and Port Hueneme Ports of Entry… 
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Story4New Roof at Bellingham
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The Port of Bellingham recently finished a $500,000 roofing project at Bellingham Shipping Terminal… 
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