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All Stick,
No Carrot
By Chris Philips, Managing Editor   
The 16th annual California Maritime Leadership Symposium took place last month in Sacramento, California. Past CMLS conferences have been operations-related, well organized and well attended. Past programs offered a good cross-section of panels addressing the concerns and issues faced by the California maritime industrial community. The theme of this year’s conference was emissions, which attracted a particularly large group of non-operations ‘stakeholders’ from the environmental community. Sessions featured lectures…
Tuesday, March 21, 2017
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AAPA Concerned About Port Funding Cuts Under Trump

By Mark Edward Nero
The American Association of Port Authorities said March 16 that it has concerns regarding the potential of significant declines for most federally funded, port-related programs in President Trump’s first proposed fiscal budget…(Read full article)


Fishing Vessel Captain Pleads Guilty
in Seattle to Polluting Waters

By Mark Edward Nero
On March 16, a captain of the fishing vessel Native Sun pleaded guilty in federal court in Seattle, Washington to discharging oily-waste directly into the ocean in violation of the Act to Prevent Pollution from Ships and the federal conspiracy statute…(Read full article)


LA Port Police Seize 500 Lbs. of Marijuana

By Mark Edward Nero

On the afternoon of March 14, Los Angeles Port Police Marine Unit officers on patrol in Los Angeles Harbor made an unusual discovery in an unoccupied boat at the Cabrillo Beach Launch Ramp: about 500 pounds of marijuana… 
(Read full article)


USCG Warns Illegal LA-Long Beach
Charter Boats

By Mark Edward Nero

The Coast Guard captain of the port for the Los Angeles-Long Beach region issued a warning on March 16 to vessel operators regarding illegal charter boats in the San Pedro Bay area… 
(Read full article)

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