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Portland’s 125-Year Anniversary

When the Port of Portland was founded in 1891, America had only 45 states, Hawaii was still ruled by a queen, and the detachable bicycle tire was a brand new invention.

A lot has changed in the US and around the word since then, and a lot has changed at the Port of Portland.

The port, which was established in February 1891, was initially tasked by the Oregon Legislature with maintaining a shipping channel between the city of Portland and the Pacific Ocean. But the port, which celebrates its 125th anniversary this year, has seen its mission evolve greatly over the years…MORE

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

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Story2Tour Boat Crashes Into Dock
By Mark Edward Nero

The cruise vessel Adventure Hornblower suffered damage to its bow, and seven passengers were hurt, on the afternoon of March 31 after the tour boat crashed into a walkway on a San Diego dock….(Read full article)

Story3Longshore Worker Killed at POLA
By Mark Edward Nero

The Everport Terminal at the Port of Los Angeles was temporarily closed for a time on March 31 after a longshore worker was killed in an industrial accident at the port…(Read full article)

Story4Port of Olympia Names Environmental Director
By Mark Edward Nero

Rachael Jamison has been named to the role of director of environmental programs for Port of Olympia and takes over the job on May 2, according to the port’s executive director, Ed Galligan… (Read full article)

Story5Inaugural Supply Chain Efficiency Meeting Set
By Mark Edward Nero

The Federal Maritime Commission’s Supply Chain Innovation Team Initiative is expected to officially launch May 3 at FMC headquarters in Washington DC, the Commission announced March 24…. (Read full article)

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