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Dynamic Under Keel Clearance Project

The flow of oil into the Port of Long Beach by ship is critical to California and the Nation. 50 percent of California’s oil enters through the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach and there is only a five-day supply ashore at any given time. The number of tankers entering the two ports has been increasing during the past 4 years, with 589 tankers entering the Ports of Los Angeles and Long beach in 2012, 592 in 2013, 606 in 2014, and 632 in 2015.

The Port of Long Beach has the only supertanker berth in the port complex and the US West Coast. Navigating supertankers into the port safely requires special training and the use of modern technology…MORE

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

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Story1Vancouver USA Extends Terminal Development Contract
By Mark Edward Nero

On April 15, the Port of Vancouver USA Board of Commissioners unanimously approved an extension of the port’s lease with Vancouver Energy, the developer of a proposed oil transfer facility at the port…(Read full article)

Story2POSF Study: Billions Needed to Fix Embarcadero
By Mark Edward Nero

It would take billions of dollars to repair and fortify a three-mile seawall along San Francisco’s waterfront to prevent it from sustaining major damage during an earthquake, according to a newly released study by the Port of San Francisco…(Read full article)

Story3Seattle Port Presents Green Gateway Awards
By Mark Edward Nero

On April 14, the Port of Seattle presented its sixth annual Green Gateway Partners Awards, which are given to cruise and container customers whose environmental programs and initiatives exceed regulatory requirements…” (Read full article)

Story4Port of SF Awarded $4 Million Ferry Grant
By Mark Edward Nero

The San Francisco Bay Area Water Emergency Transportation Authority is to receive $4 million to expand capacity at its main Ferry Terminal from four to six berths, to provide more capacity and support existing and future planned water services… (Read full article)

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