BART Moves South this Summer!

  • by BPC Staff
  • on April 1, 2016

The Warm Springs BART Station is set to open this summer after being delayed since December. This is a big step for Bay Area transit infrastructure. With the tech industry booming in South Bay, it only makes sense to connect it to the rapidly-growing cities of Oakland and San Francisco through the State’s most efficient means of mass transit. We all know BART can be crowded, stuffy, and downright gross at times, but it is a vital piece of shoreline infrastructure that is worth investing in and protecting.

See the SFGate article on BART’s new station HERE.

Like Oakland, sea level too is on the rise, and it is urgent that business, government, and the community unite to fortify our shores. Without shoreline resiliency, we will lose critical industrial assets, wildlife habitats, and infrastructure like BART and our highways and airports.

BPC is working diligently with government agencies and regulators to help solve this problem. Material that is dredged from the Bay to maintain the channels can be used to restore our shorelines and make them more resilient to floods and sea level rise instead of being dumped at sea. We are working with the Army Corps of Engineers to change WRRDA legislation to make beneficial reuse of dredged sediment the primary form of disposal.

Even though BART probably can’t beat the mass transit systems of New York and Europe, it is the means of transportation for thousands of people everyday, including my own, and millions of dollars are being invested to improve it.

Unfortunately it is true, you really don’t know what you got until it’s gone.


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-John A. Coleman CEO