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  Icebreakers – Expanding the World’s Fleet

The US needs new icebreakers but they may be a long time in coming. Although President Obama proposed speeding the acquisition and building of new Coast Guard icebreakers during a visit to Alaska last year, and Senators Gary Peters and Debbie Stabenow have since called for funding to build a new icebreaker for the Great Lakes, the head of the Coast Guard’s acquisition office, Rear Admiral Mike Haycock, said production of a new heavy icebreaker might be at least five years off with a construction cost estimate of more than a billion dollars. Until then, the Coast Guard will have to make due with the 40-year-old Polar Star, a Seattle-based ship that has been living off spare parts provided by its retired sister shipPolar SeaMORE
Tuesday, March 1, 2016

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Story118,000 TEU Ship Arrives in Seattle

By Mark Edward Nero

The largest cargo ship to visit the United States, the CMA CMG Benjamin Franklin, arrived at the Port of Seattle’s Terminal 18 for the first time on Feb. 29, a few days after making its first-ever voyage to the Port of Long Beach…(Read full article)

Story2Washington Companies Complete Ship Transaction

By Mark Edward Nero

Family owned, Seattle-based shipping company Coastal Transportation has announced the delivery of its new vessel, the M/V Coastal Standard, which was built by Anacortes, Washington-based Dakota Creek Industries shipyard…(Read full article)

Story3BNSF Investing $220 Million in Washington Infrastructure

By Mark Edward Nero

BNSF Railway has announced that its 2016 capital expenditure program in Washington will be nearly $220 million…(Read full article)

Story4San Diego Port Completes Land Exchange
By Mark Edward Nero

The California State Lands Commission and Port of San Diego have closed escrow on a land exchange where the port traded about 35 acres within the Harbor District of the Chula Vista Bayfront for about 97 acres within the environmentally sensitive Sweetwater District of the Chula Vista Bayfront… (Read full article)

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