Available Positions at BAWSCA

  • by BPC Staff
  • on July 8, 2013


A message from


Nicole Sandkulla

Water Resources Planning Manager at Bay Area Water Supply And Conservation Agency

I am very pleased to announce that BAWSCA has initiated its recruitment for two available staff positions:

• Water Resources Engineer/Planner

• Senior Water Resources Engineer/Planner

The recruitment ends on July 17th. The details for the available positions can be found at:

BAWSCA is a unique organization representing 26 local water agencies in the Bay Area. The BAWSCA member agencies and their customers rely on the San Francisco Regional Water System for two-thirds of their water supply and pay two-thirds of the cost to build, operate, and maintain the Regional Water System.

BAWSCA’s goals are a reliable supply of high quality water at a fair price for the BAWSCA agencies and the 1.7 million residents and countless businesses that they serve.

Both positions would work directly with BAWSCA’s Water Resources Planning Manager to develop and implement programs, plans, and policies to achieve BAWSCA’s goals related to water supply.

BAWSCA is a results driven organization that offers a dynamic work environment for the water resources professional passionate about achieving critical results for the BAWSCA member agencies and their customers.

I would encourage you to consider this opportunity for yourself and to forward it to others that you believe might be interested in this unique opportunity.