Controlled Pedestrian Access to the Inner Bair Island Pedestrian Trail to Protect Public Safety During Construction

  • by BPC Staff
  • on June 5, 2013

Update on 48-inch Force Main Reliability Improvement Project

  June 4, 2013 

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The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge opened a new pedestrian bridge that allows visitor access on Inner Bair Island in Redwood City on April 22, 2013. The bridge permits entrance to a one-mile loop trail around the southeastern portion of Inner Bair Island, known as Area D. Visitors are currently able to park in the refuge parking lot on Bair Island Road, access the pedestrian bridge from nearby Uccelli Boulevard, and cross onto Inner Bair Island to access the Area D trail.


In coordination with U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS), the South Bayside System Authority (SBSA) will be installing a new 48-inch force main pipe along the entire western levee of Inner Bair Island between approximately June 1, 2013 and December 31, 2014. During this period, there will be controlled public access to the levee on the southern side of Area D.


In conjunction with the Refuge’s ongoing clean fill material import to the Island, SBSA and the USFWS will take precautions to ensure public safety during construction of the Area D levee and 48-inch force main project. Access to the northern and eastern portions of the trail (approximately 0.6 miles) will remain available to visitors during construction; however, access to the southern portion of the Area D trail will experience intermittent closure. Temporary fences will be installed to provide safety zones during active construction periods. If construction activities are inactive for extended periods of time SBSA may open these areas to allow visitors to access more of the Area D trail.


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Questions About the 48-Inch Pipeline Project

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The mission of the 48-Inch Force Main Reliability Improvement Project is to plan, design, construct, and safely put into service, at the lowest reasonable cost and in the shortest practical time, a new force main pipe that protects the environment.