BPC Workshop Series Sponsorship Opportunities

WORKSHOP SERIES 2011 includes three half-day workshops to provide a forum for constructive dialogue on Bay management topics that require conversation, collaboration and problem-solving.

Sponsors make these workshops possible. By becoming a sponsor, you will be investing in the Bay’s future and helping to ensure that BPC continues to offer access and advocacy on behalf of its members. Your Sponsorship also brings you visibility to our members and contacts—more than 3,000 of them!

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2011 Topics:

Workshop 1: Thursday, July 21,2011 Is California Prepared for the next Big Earthquake or Tsunami? An in-depth discussion whether our state is prepared,if not,what are the economic impacts. How do we prepare for the unknown?

Workshop 2: Wednesday, September 14,2011 Regional Government and Regulatory Agencies – Is This Going to Work for the Business Community? BAAQMB, BCDC, ABAG and MTC,it is more than alphabet soup. How do we assure that our business community can thrive with conflicting regulatory guidelines and rules? What are our rights?

Workshop 3: Wednesday, November 30,2011 – LTMS and Nutrients: What Are The Implications for the Bay’s Future?

Thank you for your continued investment in our important work.

Rick Rhoads, President
Jim Fiedler, Vice President
John Coleman, Executive Director