Executive Director Job Announcement

  • News
  • by BPC Staff
  • on April 29, 2010


Position Opening:  Executive Director

Bay Planning Coalition (BPC) announces the opening of the Executive Director position for its 501 c4 non-profit, membership-based organization.

BPC ‘s membership reflects a broad spectrum of Bay-Delta business including the maritime industry, shoreline landowners, local government, residential and commercial builders, professional service firms, recreational boaters and related organizations in the San Francisco Bay-Delta region.  Founded in 1983, the BPC represents over two decades of groundbreaking work to achieve a balanced, collaborative and common sense approach to San Francisco Bay-Delta’s environmental permit and planning process.

This is an exciting career position for someone who is dedicated to strengthening the economic vitality and environmental health of the San Francisco Bay-Delta region.  The work of BPC, which is at the forefront of decisionmaking on the future of the Bay, offers a captivating opportunity for an individual who is energetic, a critical thinker, an organization builder and willing to go the extra mile for San Francisco Bay and BPC in the long term.

Position Description:

The Bay Planning Coalition seeks a visionary Executive Director with strong organizational and advocacy skills who will build on BPC’s reputation as a leader in building coalitions and consensus on the issues facing the San Francisco Bay-Delta region.

BPC focuses on producing positive results for its members through advocacy, monitoring, and partnering with other associations who recognize the need for fair and reasonable regulation and sound, integrated planning.  Sound planning for resource sustainability requires balancing the needs for economic vitality, job generation, environmental protection, housing, transportation, land use, conservation, water and air quality, and recreational uses.


The Executive Director, acting as the chief executive staff, will lead the organization, serve as its primary spokesperson, and implements the mission, work program, and budget established by the Board of Directors.  The Executive Director will attend to the organization’s financial health, including revenue generation and expense control, as well as to the efficient and effective delivery of all member services.



  • Makes recommendations to the Board of Directors for the vision, goals, objectives, work program and strategies for implementation, including the annual budget and fundraising
  • Organizes an annual conference and other organization events
  • Establishes strategic partnerships with other organizations
  • Recruits members


  • Annually organizes the program for regular Board & committee meetings, planning retreats, the annual Decisionmakers Conference and other events for the Board and the annual membership meeting of the organization
  • Ensures delivery of member services, including communication via newsletters and reports
  • Ensures visibility of organization through publications and updated website
  • Hires, trains, and provides employees with leadership, resources, and training required to achieve organizational objectives
  • Ensures execution of additional support as needed, such as bookkeeping or IT
  • Determines personnel related policies and procedures and employee benefits programs

Substantive Expert on Environmental & Economic Planning and Land Use Issues in SF Bay

  • Consults with members or member groups as needed
  • Prepares and presents testimony at public hearings
  • Keeps abreast of issues affecting the membership, including broad trends and government policies
  • Keeps current with issues relating to all segments of the membership, such as dredging and navigation, marine construction, housing, transportation, water quality, wetlands, endangered species, and permit and planning process initiatives
  • Recommends positions for the organization regarding the above issues and strategies to implement them as adopted by the Board in the work program

Financial Management

  • Develops recommended annual budget for revenue and expenses
  • Sets strategy for obtaining revenue, supervising membership retention and promotion, and achievement of conference revenue goals
  • Drives annual sponsorship campaign and acts as primary fundraiser
  • Generates funds through membership activities, contracts, and other resources
  • Ensures the financial health of the organization, generating funds for future operations as determined by the Board
  • Ensures the organization operates on the basis of honest and sound business practices, complying with all applicable federal and state regulations


  • Leadership and strategic vision
  • Ability to fundraise and build the organization
  • Experience working with and through a Board of Directors
  • Excellent public speaking and ability to represent the organization
  • Ability to attract, recruit, and retain key employees
  • Ability to attract, recruit, and cultivate Board of Directors and membership
  • Ability to develop and implement strategic plans
  • Knowledge of federal and state legislation and regulations governing industry, as well as employee and tax regulations and ethical, financial, and fiduciary responsibilities of nonprofit organizations
  • Ability to understand and evaluate industry issues and trends


  • Key management of private or governmental organization in environmental and economic planning
  • Broad technical experience in planning, public policy, environmental management, and/or political strategy
  • Proven record of success in providing services for customers or members
  • Historic accountability for managing finances to achieve goals
  • Record of providing leadership and creative solutions to public policy and  technical problems
  • Record of hiring and working effectively with people
  • A combination of education and experience reflecting possession of requisite knowledge, skills and abilities  (e.g., a graduate degree in political or environmental science, law, business, economics, public policy, environmental and urban planning, or related field plus five years of relevant experience in the nonprofit, private, or public sector, such as the maritime, shoreline business, local government, state legislature, or a state or federal environmental/land use/transportation agency OR a bachelors degree in one of the above fields plus 10 or more years of relevant experience as described above)


  • The Coalition is a membership-based, IRS 501 c4 tax-exempt, nonprofit organization
  • 165 members; $500,000 budget.
  • Compensation and Benefits: Competitive nonprofit salary in the range of $130,000-$180,000 and benefits commensurate with experience.

How to Apply:  Please submit a resume with a Statement of Interest cover letter and email to employment@bayplanningcoalition.org. The closing date for applications is May 31, 2010.