23rd Annual San Francisco Bay Decisionmakers Conference Press Release

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Ellen Joslin Johnck
Executive Director
Bay Planning Coalition
(415) 397-2293

23rd Annual San Francisco Bay Decisionmakers Conference April 14, 2010
Conference to focus on two critical issues affecting the San Francisco Bay region
– carbon management and sea level change

San Francisco –March 15, 2010 – On April 14th leaders from business, government and
citizen organizations will meet at the 23rdAnnual San Francisco Bay Decisionmakers
Conference to discuss the challenges that carbon management and sea level change
pose for the future of the San Francisco Bay.

Hosted by the Bay Planning Coalition (BPC), this year’s San Francisco Bay
Decisionmakers Conference features the  science, government and business
perspective on “Climate 3.0:  Policies and Decisions for a Changing Landscape”.   Mark
Twain said “Climate is what you expect, weather is what you get”. Fast forward, Climate
3.0 considers the three-dimensional view of climate: humans, nature and the land-
water-atmospheric pressure interface. The issues are complex and the outcomes

“The Bay Planning Coalition is at the forefront of a new kind of conversation for the San
Francisco Bay Area, This is not another climate conference where the talk is about the
sky falling in” stated Ellen Joslin Johnck, executive director of the BPC. “Our goal is to
have a rational dialogue about sensible and balanced strategies”.

Despite the uncertainty, policies and legislation are now being developed that will affect
every future shore line and bay use for the foreseeable future.   Once implemented,
these policies will change the way activities on and near the bay are conducted
including development, recreation and environmental protection.  The conference will
offer the opportunity for interested parties to interact and together help develop
economically feasible, innovative and sustainable practices and weigh in on current
legislation.  “It’s important that those with an interest in the future of the bay share their
concerns and ideas.” exclaimed Johnck.  “The conference offers a unique opportunity to
get involved and help shape future policy.”

The conference will be held at the Oakland Marriott City Center, Wednesday, April 14,
2010.  To register for the conference or for additional information go to

The Bay Planning Coalition (BPC) is dedicated to ensuring that commerce, recreation,
and the natural environment thrive in the Bay-Delta region.  For more than 27 years,
BPC has been a leader in building coalitions and consensus, and producing positive
results that benefit the economic and environmental welfare of the public.