PCNC Welcomes Port of San Francisco’s Elaine Forbes

Click here for info and ticketing for the Propeller Club of Northern California’s event with Elaine Forbes.

Outreach over seawall lays foundation for fix

Click here for SF Chronicle’s article, ‘Outreach over seawall lays foundation for fix’.

BPC Signs On as Supporter of San Francisco Seawall Bond Measure

BPC has officially signed on to support the $425 million seawall general obligation bond proposed by the Port of San Francisco to fund the first phase of the Seawall Program, which will address the deteriorating condition of the Embarcadero Seawall and the threats it faces from earthquakes and sea level rise. The bond will be […]

$425 million bond for seawall repairs heading to S.F. ballot

Click here for the SF Chronicle article, ‘$425 million bond for seawall repairs heading to S.F. ballot.’

San Francisco City and Port Seek State Legislation for Urgent Seawall Repairs

How many Bay Area residents and visitors have been to the historic San Francisco waterfront and know about the Embarcadero Seawall? Stretching more than three miles from Fisherman’s Wharf in the north to Mission Creek in the south, the Seawall serves as a foundation for the waterfront. Built over 100 years ago, it supports key […]

Support for AB 2578 Seawall Improvements

On April 4, 2018, BPC submitted a letter of support for Assembly Bill 2578 (AB 2578) introduced by Assemblymember Chiu and co-authored by Senator Wiener and Assemblymember Ting. Click here to read BPC’s support letter. AB 2578 Infrastructure financing districts: City and County of San Francisco would provide a mechanism for the State to contribute funds […]

San Francisco Residents Support Bond to Fix Seawall, Poll Shows

SF residents support big bond to fix seawall, poll finds San Francisco Chronicle Nearly three-quarters of San Francisco voters would support a bond measure of up to $500 million to improve the city’s disintegrating seawall, a piece of infrastructure that is largely unseen but that experts say is of vital importance in protecting the city against major […]

Port Commission Finds Fixes to Seawall Will Cost $5 Billion

Fixes to seawall will cost $5 billion, Port Commission says Apr 12, 2016, 6:49am PDT Fixes to San Francisco’s northern seawall could cost as much at $5 billion, a new report from the Port Commission has found, and should be put in place over the next 10 years to protect the entire seafront from earthquakes and […]

Vote City of San Francisco for Seawall Seismic Strengthening Project

Save San Francisco’s Great Seawall — Vote today! Save San Francisco’s Great Seawall The City of San Francisco has applied for financial expertise to support a financing plan for the Seawall Seismic Strengthening project and we need you to weigh in. The award is dependent on public comments of support! One of the City’s biggest challenges is […]