San Francisco Residents Support Bond to Fix Seawall, Poll Shows

SF residents support big bond to fix seawall, poll finds
San Francisco Chronicle

Nearly three-quarters of San Francisco voters would support a bond measure of up to $500 million to improve the city’s disintegrating seawall, a piece of infrastructure that is largely unseen but that experts say is of vital importance in protecting the city against major earthquakes as well as sea level rise.

A citywide voter survey, conducted in mid-January for the Port of San Francisco, found that 73 percent of voters would vote yes on a seawall improvement general obligation bond, which is headed to the ballot in November.

The bond measure, which would require two-thirds voter approval and would not raise taxes, would come in between $350 million and $500 million, depending on the city’s bonding capacity and other projects in the pipeline that would require bond financing. A decision on the exact size of the bond will be made in March.

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