Ferries Conference October 10, 2018

Transit Agencies & Port Districts
Ferry Systems Growing Across North America
Be sure to register for the 2018 Ferries Conference, which will be held in Seattle on October 10 at the Renaissance Seattle Hotel. From New York City to San Francisco, ferry systems are expanding to serve the needs of mass transit across the country. And new technologies are helping these operators exceed environmental standards, while at the same time keeping the boats on schedule.
Join us in Seattle on October 10, 2018 for the annual Ferries Conference, to hear from the public transit agencies, port districts and public municipalities about their transit needs… and hear from ferry system operators about potential solutions, as the two work together to create a transit model based on affordability, safe operations, and strict adherence to sound risk management practices to safely and efficiently move people from work, to home, to play.
Whether you are in the public sector looking to learn more about ferries, or in the private sector providing ferry service, you will want to join Philips Publishing Group on October 10, 2018 at the Renaissance Seattle Hotel for the annual Ferries Conference.
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