Port of Oakland Seaport Operations Update for August 1, 2017

Port of Oakand Seaport Operations Update
August 1, 2017
Port Truck Parking
Truck and trailer Parking is available at both Howard Terminal and Outer Harbor Terminal AMPCO locations. Both monthly and daily parking can be accommodated at either location.
Please contact AMPCO at 510-834-1500 if you have any questions.

Anchorage of vessels can be the result of many factors including berth availability, early vessel arrival and late vessel arrival.  If you have any questions, please contact the terminal operator or ocean carrier directly

Vessel Update


Extended Gates
Appointment systems guidelines
OICT’s Extended Gate Fee of $30 went into effect on June 27, 2016.  This fee applies to all import and export loads coming in and out of the terminal both shifts (day and night).  
OICT gate fee will be collected through eModal. You will have the ability to pay this fee for Import containers via credit card and ACH   An online payment service fee of $1.20 per container will be charged to cover processing costs for gate fees paid via credit card or ACH through the online payment system. 
Additionally, eModal will offer guarantee accounts to qualified customers who have completed a Customer Billing Form.   There is no fee for this transaction.
For information on import billing please contact OICTFees@adventintermodal.com
Please contact the eModal helpdesk with any questions at 866-758-3838 orhelpdesk@emodal.com.
EXPORT BILLING – Done in Salt Lake City Office
All export billing is done through OICTEXPORTGATEFEE@SSAMARINE.COM . 
  1. If the Shipper of record shows on the booking and has an account on file, that party will be billed automatically unless otherwise directed from an alternate party
  2. If the Shipper of record does not show on the booking and no other information has been received for billing party,the below guidelines will apply:
           * Prior to billing the trucker, SLC will make every effort to reach out to the trucking company of record and request billing information.
           * Truckers will be given TWO DAYS  to advise billing information or steamship line associated with move for further followup
           * If no information is provided by the trucking company within the two days, an invoice will be submitted to the trucker of record and payment will be required within 10 days.
Please make sure to have a Customer Billing Form on file. 
1.  Once you have verified what containers are loading please email those container numbers to OICTExportGateFee@ssamarine.com to guarantee the extended gate fee charge(s).
2.  Please list your company name and your customer number
3.  Please list container numbers and booking numbers along with the Vessel Name/Voy.
4.  If your containers roll to another vessel, an updated email needs to be sent toOICTExportGateFee@ssamarine.com for proper invoicing.
Please note below update for extended gate fees.
Saturday Gates Information:
  • Presently no Saturday gates are planned.
Weekday Night Gates Information
OICT will be holding regular night gates from 1800-0300 on Monday through Thursday every week excluding holidays/ILWU Stop Work days.
  • Please notify OICTNightGates@ssamarine.com of plans to participate NO LATER THAN NOON ON THE DAY OF GATE, or driver may be turned. Labor is order based on projected volume and transactions.
  • Please see chart below for OICT gate transactions for both week night and weekend gates
Oakland International Container Terminal (OICT) will now require mandatory appointments for RTG(Transtainer) Delivery Import Lanes 2, 6, B & K only.  No other transactions will require appointments at this time.  
Please see below some basic information to answer any questions that you may have regarding this process
  • Appointments must continue to be made on the web at www.emodal.com
  • Appointments slots will open no sooner that 6:00 a.m. 48 hours prior to pickup
  • Example: Appointments for Wednesday would open at 6:00 a.m. Monday morning
  • Exception: Openings for Tuesday appointments will begin at 6:00 a.m. Friday
  • Appointments will be configured in one hour blocks
  • Truckers will be given a 45 minute window at the front and back end of their appointment
  • Containers must be cleared and show available for pickup to make an appointment
  • Multiple appointments cannot be made for the same container
  • Trucks without an appointment for import pickup will be denied transaction
  • Missed appointments are subject to cancellation
  • Please cancel your appointment if you don’t plan on using it to make room for others.
Mandatory appointments to pick up containers that are decked can be made from the time containers were located and may be made without a minimum lead time for any two hour window for which they remain available.  
  • Appointments are required only for decked import container pick up; decked import containers are delivered only from blocks C1, C2, C3, D2 and D3
  • (exception, containers to be picked up against Permits to Transfer (PTTs) may be without an appointment through the Trouble Office)
Customer Service for Everport Oakland is handled by Advance Business Processes Inc. (ABPI). ABPI can be reached at email: customerservice@abpiusa.com and tel: (385) 777-5522
Appointments are REQUIRED for all import laden containers. Appointments can be made on the eModal website (www.emodal.com). 
Please contact TraPac Customer Service with questions or concerns. 
Phone: 877-387-2722 or 512-794-1400

Operations Update

Oakland International Container Terminal (OICT)
Marine Terminal Status: Open
Street Wait Time: 0 minutes
Vessels @ Berth: 0
Yard Labor Orders: Filled
Effective immediately BARE CHASSIS coming into OICT can now in gate using the East or West side Bobtail Lanes.
Please note with the additional vessel volume calling OICT, it is necessary to set four days receiving for all Shipping Lines until further notice.
Shippers Transport will be moving 40 ft.  import containers to their facility for pickup.  Please make sure to check forecast or Emodal prior to dispatching trucks.
August 17, ILWU STOP WORK MEETING 2nd shift.
OICT is not receiving the following empties: Please check terminal web-site for daily updates.er text.


Please note that OICT is pleased to announce the opening of OICT Round House Empty Yard
1195 Middle Harbor Road, Oakland, CA
Hours: 7:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Transaction notifications will be sent daily and posted at:
https:/B58.Tideworks.com/Forecast or see chart below.
All drivers must stop at the inbound lane and walk over to the office to see gate clerk before they proceed into the yard.
Dual transactions will now be processed at the Round House Yard upon returning an empty.
Truckers may then enter OICT to complete the transactions for the load or Empty pick up at OICT via East/West gate or appointment lanes.
Empties listed below may be returned to either the Round House or to OICT
Damaged containers will not be accepted at this yard and must be returned to OICT.
Access to the terminal is subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the SSA MTO Schedule which is available at www.ssamarine.com
OICT Round House Yard
1195 Middle Harbor Road, Oakland, CA


Ben E. Nutter
Marine Terminal Status: Open
Street Wait Time: 0 minutes
Vessels @ Berth: 1
Yard Labor Orders: Filled
Everport Terminal Services Oakland will close the gate at 1600, rather than 1615 going forward to better ensure all drivers can be served within the day.
TRAC and BACP chassis will not be authorized for receipt at ETS Oakland from Monday, March 21.
None will be interchanged in and none may be left at the Terminal by drivers from then.
Customer Service for Everport Oakland is handled by Advance Business Processes Inc. (ABPI). ABPI can be reached at email: customerservice@abpiusa.com and tel: (385) 777-5522

Marine Terminal Status: Open
Street Wait Time: 30 minutes
Vessels @ Berth: 1
Yard Labor Orders: Filled
Night gate information:
Night Schedule 1800 – 0200:
Mondays: Wheeled Import Delivery, Export Receiving, Empty-In/Out and Bare Chassis In/Out
Tuesdays: Wheeled Import Delivery, Export Receiving, Empty-In/Out and Bare Chassis In/Out
TraPac B-25 In-gate entrance, (formerly known as the old Trans Bay gate entrance)
  • Bobtails and Reefers Monday through Friday 07:00 – 16:30 for Bobtails and Reefers
  • All dry containers and bare chassis should continue to use the B-30 gate entrance.
 Trapac is not receiving the following empties: Please check terminal Web-site for daily update.


Marine Terminal Status: Open
Street Wait Time: 0 mintues
Vessels @ Berth: 0
Yard Labor Orders Filled: Filled

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