Silicon Valley Clean Water – Site Preparation Work Scheduled to Begin Late June/Early July at SVCW

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June 2017

Artist's rendering of future front-of-plant with new facilities
Artist’s rendering of future front-of-plant with new facilities
Site Preparation Work Scheduled to Begin Late June/Early July at Silicon Valley Clean Water
Site preparation improvements are scheduled to begin in late June or early July at Silicon Valley Clean Water’s 10-acre front-of-plant (FoP) former ornamental pond at 1400 Radio Road at the southeastern tip of Redwood Shores, subject to Commission approval at its June meeting.
The SVCW Commission on June 8 awarded a contract to Teichert Construction.
The six-month project provides site improvements needed to support new facilities that will be constructed on the site starting in late 2018 through 2022. As part of conveyance system upgrades, SVCW has planned improvements on plant property required to complete conveyance system upgrades, and meet forthcoming nutrient removal requirements from the Regional Water Quality Control Board. Improvements planned within the front-of-plant area include a new receiving lift station, headworks, flow diversion structure, odor control, electrical facilities and a storm water pump station.
Civil site improvements are needed to support these new facilities including the stabilization of the soils in the front of plant area, construction of paved site access and parking, gate for access, grading and drainage for stormwater, utilities to serve each facility including lighting for safe access, and chain link fencing.
Truck traffic coming along Redwood Shores Parkway to the plant will average about 50 round-trips per day during the project, bringing in materials needed to stabilize the site.  All traffic will be directed to not exceed the 25-mph speed limit in Redwood Shores and to drive in the right-hand lanes whenever possible.
The overall FoP projects:
  • Site Grading and Stabilization – The site will be graded and soil stabilized to allow for construction and construction staging. Areas planned to be paved will be lime stabilized first, then fill placed on top to a subgrade elevation.
  • Interim Storm Drain – To drain the site during and after construction, new inlets and piping will be installed to divert stormwater into the existing storm drain system.
  • Utilities and Crossings – To avoid trenching across new driveways and parking, utility corridors and piping will be established to provide room for utilities needed to serve FoP facilities.
  • Lighting – New lighting will be provided for safety along the new roadways and parking.
  • Paving and striping – Paving will be required on the new roadway as well as around the new facilities to allow for access of vehicles.
  • Concrete work – New curbs, planters and wheel stops will be constructed to protect vehicles and pedestrians.
  • Construction Fencing – To keep the site safe and organized, construction fences will be erected.
  • Storm Drain System – New inlets, piping and planters will be constructed to collect, convey, and store/treat stormwater.
  • Separate Overflow Pipe – As part of the civil project, a new process overflow pipe will be constructed from the flow diversion structure to drying bed A. This will allow more storage capacity for the conveyance system in case its needed.
  • Concrete work II – Rolled curbs will be installed along the south side roadway in order to prevent traffic from straying into the structures and planters.
  • Signage – New signage will be placed to direct traffic, identify buildings, identify parking, and call out any necessary information.
  • Striping – Final striping will be placed.
The FoP new facilities that will begin construction in late 2018 on the 10-acres are these:
  • Receiving Lift Station (RLS) – a deep pumping station, located at the terminus of the conveyance pipeline, that will be used to lift flows into the treatment processes.
  • Headworks Facility – preliminary treatment including screening and grit removal.
  • Odor Control Facility – odor treatment for the conveyance pipeline, RLS, and headworks.
  • Influent Connector Pipe – connection of the new headworks to the existing plant.
  • Electrical Infrastructure Improvements – necessary to support new facilities
  • Diversion pipe to emergency storage basin – to be used for emergency flow diversions.
Teichert Construction, the contractor awarded a $4.2 million contract by SVCW,  is well-established in Northern California, According to a fall 2016 magazine article, “Teichert’s influence and impact on California’s history is etched across nearly every major infrastructure evolution, from the first sidewalks around the State Capitol Building in the 1890s to the levees, airports and power systems constructed in the 20th and early 21st centuries around the state. Holding License No. 8, California’s oldest active contractor’s license, Teichert built the state’s first highways and was among the first in the nation to establish a comprehensive safety program, years before the federal government formed OSHA.”
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