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A Record Number of Cruise Ships on Order

Cruise ship owners continue to be among the more optimistic of vessel buyers in the maritime sector where owners of container ships and bulk carriers have fallen on hard times and a glut in tankers is appearing on the horizon. Driving much of the optimism is China and its growing middle-class, which is now seeing cruising as a worthwhile holiday vacation. Cuba has also been opened, and it’s on the doorstep of the world’s largest existing cruising population. Another rapidly emerging market is expedition-type cruising – taking passengers…MORE
Friday, July 22, 2016

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Story1Alaska Marine Lines Launches Barge
By Mark Edward Nero

Alaska Marine Lines celebrated the launch of its newest barge,Skagway Provider, at a July 7 ceremony at Gunderson Marine in Portland, Oregon where the vessel was constructed…(Read full article)

Story2San Diego Ports Tenants Awarded $5.9 Million Grant
By Mark Edward Nero

The California Energy Commission this month awarded the San Diego Port Tenants Association a $5.9 million grant to fund the development of 10 all-electric freight vehicles outfitted with zero-emission technologies for use at the Port of San Diego…(Read full article)

Story3Harbor Breezes Cruises Expands Fleet
By Mark Edward Nero

Bellingham, Washington-based All American Marine Inc. and Long Beach, California-based Harbor Breeze Cruises have announced the completion and delivery of an aluminum catamaran passenger vessel to operate in the Los Angeles and Long Beach harbors… (Read full article)

Story429 Named to Federal Maritime Committee
By Mark Edward Nero

On July 19, US Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx announced the appointment of 29 new members to the Marine Transportation System National Advisory Committee, and the latest additions include a handful of leaders with companies that have strong West Coast presences… (Read full article)

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