BPC Expert Briefing: Using a Programmatic Permitting Approach to Move Through the Corps’ Regulatory Process On Time and Under Budget

June 6, 2016
11:30 AM – 1:30 PM
Port of San Francisco
San Francisco, CA 94111

Presented by BPC Member Dudek:


Waterfront infrastructure repair and development projects in the Bay Area are regionally important and present unique regulatory and ecological challenges, particularly as policies continue to change and evolve. To address permitting challenges Regulatory Agencies are using a Programmatic Permitting approach. Programmatic permitting helps regulatory agencies, as well as cities, counties, and private developers increase the efficiency of regulatory permitting for projects with impacts to federal and state aquatic resources. This workshop will allow participants to learn about programmatic permitting opportunities in and around San Francisco Bay, based on lessons learned from similar-scale projects in Northern California. This is an opportunity to understand the benefits of programmatic permitting processes and to collaborate with other waterfront colleagues on potential opportunities for a less costly, more efficient permit review process.


Speakers include:

  • Laurie Monarres, Regulatory Specialist
  • David Wickens, Regulatory Specialist
  • Mike Henry, Senior Ecologist


Expert Briefings are designed to be affordable and easy to attend over a long lunch break. They are excellent networking and educational opportunities. 


Thank you to BPC’s 2016 Workshop Series & Expert Briefing Sponsors!

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