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Port Commission Approves Doubling Area for Bauxite Ore Imports


The  Port Commission Wednesday approved expanding acreage use by International Materials Incorporated (IMI) for its handling of bauxite ore imports.


I MI entered its initial lease agreement with the Port in 2010 for approximately a 2.4 acre paved open area next to the building occupied by iCracked.  IMI uses the area to import, store, and truck-out bauxite ore.  In 2012 IMI requested additional area for handling bauxite, and recently an expansion to that area.  With the approval by The Port Commission of the amendment to the IMI lease, the area for bauxite has increased by 2.7 acres.

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Port Executive Director Michael J. Giari reported that lMl, since the start of its lease, has increased the tonnage of bauxite handled at the Port.


So far in fiscal year 2016, bauxite imports total 68,000 metric tons compared to 52,000 in all of FY 2015.  IMI has provided environmental mitigation for dust emissions by tarping material and wetting truck load-out areas.  There is also a new provision regarding storm water management.


Bauxite is a reddish orange colored material.  It is used in the production of cement and its ferrous content and strength to concrete.

Port  Reports 2 Percent Decrease in Cargo Movement for 1st Half of Fiscal Year


The Port of Redwood City experienced a two percent decrease in cargo movement across its docks for the 1st half of fiscal year 2015/2016 that ended December 31, 2015.


Total tonnage for all commodities during the first half of FY16 was 858,944 metric tons.


lmported sand and aggregates accounted for 623,176 MT, or nearly 73%, of the tonnage for the first half of the fiscal year. This was nearly 10% less than the same period last fiscal year.

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Cargo dips 2 percent


The next largest tonnage was exported shredded scrap metal, totaling 123,277 MT, or more than 14% of the total second half tonnage. Although not large quantities, imported bauxite, gypsum, domestic sand and ground slag added to the mix of inbound cargo.


Fifty-four vessels (27 ships and 27 barges) made calls during the first half of FY16 compared to fifty-four vessels (30 ships and 24 barges) during the first half of FY15.


The building aggregates arrive at the Port by ships that contain self-unloading features, provided by Canadian Steamship Lines. Eagle Rock Aggregates is the supplier of these high quality construction aggregates. The company operates the Orca Quarry, located on the northeast coast of Vancouver Island, BC, which is a very high quality sand and gravel resource with significant long-term capacities.




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