CASA Connects Newsletter for September 14, 2015

Legislature Adjourns 2015 Session

On Friday, September 11, the Legislature adjourned the 2015 Legislative Session. As usual, the final few weeks of the Session were filled with a flurry of activity as legislators, staff, and advocates raced to wrap up action on the remaining bills and major outstanding issues before the final deadline.
Several issues of interest to CASA were decided in the final weeks, including the passing of AB 888, the microbeads bill, to the Governor’s desk, while at least one issue was deferred to next year. Read more…
Water Board: No Permit Fee Increase Proposed for Wastewater Facilities

The State Water Resources Control Board is scheduled to adopt the Core Regulatory Program Fee Schedule for fiscal year 2016 on September 16. No changes are proposed to the annual permit fees for wastewater facilities subject to NPDES permits, Waste Discharge Requirements, or the general order for sanitary sewer systems.
Water Board staff are proposing a new annual fee for administrators under a general order authorizing the use of recycled water using the existing WDR fee schedule based on threat and complexity.
CASA participated in the fee development stakeholder process and submitted written comments for the record.
Agency News
Welcome New CASA Members!
Marco Guardi, Area VP, Risk Control
Peter Kistenmacher, Director of
Business Development, Western USA
Thomas Thornton, City Engineer
Brian Swift, Business Development Leader, Pacific Region
Mark Sutter, General Manager
Patrick Brennan
Traci Minimide, COO, LA Sanitation

 Traci Minimide, Chief Operating Officer, Wastewater Plant Operations, Los Angeles Sanitation,    and CASA Board Member, gave a CBS news interview on the placement of their new outfall pipe.

 Delta Diablo made front page of the San Francisco Chronicle in a story about recycled  water, stating that California water districts have projects on the table that could deliver  100,000 acre-feet of new water per year reclaimed from existing supplies, but need  government funding. Read the story…
The Central Contra Costa Sanitary District was presented the 2015 Dr. Teng-chung Wu Pollution Prevention Award, affectionately known as the “WuHoo Award,” by the San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board. The WuHoo Award recognizes the District’s leadership in discouraging flushing of disposable wipes. Read more…

Las Virgenes Municipal Water District has mailed notifications to customers of a proposed five-year rate package for 2016 through 2020. The comprehensive proposal includes the implementation of a “water budget” rate structure and revisions to the charges for potable water, recycled water and sanitation services. Read more…
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CASA and our very own Executive Director, Bobbi Larson, are quoted in the Huffington Post as the CASA-sponsored bill to ban Microbeads passes the Senate.
Mixed Bag

Opportunity for Education and Networking
The American Academy of Environmental Engineers and Scientists (AAEES) in collaboration with the LMU College of Science and Engineering is holding a one-day conference on October 22 featuring key leaders of southern California water agencies; many of whom are CASA members. They will discuss and present their action and vision to attain a sustainable water infrastructure. This gathering of elite experts in the field of water management offers a unique opportunity for interaction with these leaders, students and faculty, and other industry professionals.
Communication Tool Available 
Guide for Developing and Updating of Sewer System Management Plans (SSMPs), developed by the State Water Board, was created to assist enrollees of the Statewide SSO Reduction Program in developing and revising an SSMP. This guide also provides suggested information that enrollees could consider including in their SSMP.
Kudos for CASA
We got this great note from Layne Baroldi of SYNAGRO following last week’s issue of CASA Connects:
“Great work on the CalRecycle regs!!!! Your efforts are responsible for POTWs accepting trucked-in organics for digestion avoiding being considered LEA-regulated solid waste facilities. Thanks also for your help with the compost-related language in the regulations.
Worth every cent of CASA membership.”

Thanks Layne! We appreciate the feedback!

Sept. 26-30, 2015
Water Environment Foundation (WEF)
The Water Environment Foundation’s annual technical conference, WEFTEC.
Oct. 16, 2015
Orange County Sanitation District
State of the District Breakfast
E-mail for more information
Fountain Valley
Oct. 22, 2015
American Academy of Environmental Engineers and Scientists
Los Angeles
Oct. 28-29, 2015
Stanford University Global Projects Center
Nov. 4-5, 2015
California Bioresources Alliance
Rancho Cordova, CA
Nov. 4-5, 2015
Brisbane, Australia
Nov. 4-6
Henderson, NV
Jan. 20-22, 2016
Palm Springs
Feb. 22-24, 2016
Washington, D.C.
Aug. 10-12, 2016
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