Central Valley Pyrethroid Pesticides TMDL and Basin Plan Amendment

A message from the California Regional Water Quality Control Board, Central Valley:


Central Valley Pyrethroid Pesticides TMDL and Basin Plan Amendment

Several documents have been posted related to the Pyrethroids TMDL and Basin Plan Amendment.

The six pyrethroids water quality criteria reports derived using the UC Davis Methodology in 2015 by Central Valley Water Board staff have been posted here.

In addition, the Water Quality Objectives chapter of the draft staff report, which is the primary focus of the peer review and describes the alternatives considered and the staff recommendation, can be viewed here.

Currently all of these documents are being peer reviewed by external scientific experts. Public comments are not requested at this time, these documents were posted for the purpose of providing preliminary information to the public on the technical analysis supporting development of the proposed Basin Plan amendment. Public comments will be requested following the peer review, which is estimated to be in winter 2015.

If you have any questions regarding the documents or this project, please contact Tessa Fojut:

Tessa Fojut
Environmental Scientist
Central Valley Water Quality Control Board
(916) 464-4691

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