CASA Honors Assembly Member Anthony Rendon Named Legislator of the Year

Assembly Member Anthony Rendon Named Legislator of the Year

CASA Board Vice President, Kevin Hardy, presented Assembly Member Anthony Rendon with CASA’s Legislator of the Year award this morning at CASA’s Public Policy Forum in Sacramento. 

Assembly Member Rendon accepts CASA’s Legislator of the Year award from Kevin Hardy

Assembly Member Rendon is a major leader in the California Assembly on important environmental and water quality issues. As the former Chair of the Assembly Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee, he was the author of the Water Bond last year (Proposition 1) which was passed by voters in November and included $725 million in funding for water recycling projects. This effort will significantly increase water supply reliability in the future and help relieve some of the impacts of the persistent drought. This year, as the Chair of the Assembly Utilities and Commerce Committee, he has a key role overseeing the implementation of California’s climate change objectives and has been a champion for addressing the water-energy nexus.


“Assembly Member Rendon is a true leader in advancing water recycling and renewable energy. He understands the problems facing our state during this water crisis, and has a sound vision for creating sustainable solutions,” says Bobbie Larson, Executive Director of CASA. “Assembly Member Rendon exemplifies the important work our Legislature performs and is highly deserving of CASA’s Legislator of the Year award.”

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