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April 23, 2015
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We’re Doing Some Spring Cleaning!
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AB 1144 Passes Assembly Utilities and Commerce Committee on 9-0 Vote
On Monday, April 20, the Assembly Utilities and Commerce Committee heard and passed CASA’s sponsored energy bill, AB 1144 (Rendon). CASA testified as the lead witness in support of the bill, explaining how this bill will allow wastewater agencies to help the state achieve its climate change goals.  Read more…
Everyone’s Abuzz Over Microbeads

Microbeads have become a common ingredient in toothpaste and cleansing scrubs. But studies are increasingly showing the effects of microbeads on ocean life, as well as the potential harm to humans.


CASA is a co-sponsor of AB 888 (Bloom), which would ban the sale of personal care products that contain plastic microbeads for the purpose of exfoliation in facial scrubs, soaps, and toothpaste. Check out this Fact Sheet for CASA perspectives.


Here’s what the Sacramento Bee is saying about the harmful effects off microbeads in studies of the Sacramento River and Bay Area.


Want to join the conversation? Go to CASA’s Facebook page and share your thoughts.

Additional Letters of Support Needed for AB 1144 and AB 888

CASA is sponsoring two important measures in the 2015 Legislative Session, AB 1144 and AB 888, both of which have been referred to their second policy committees and are scheduled for hearings next week. We urge CASA members to weigh in on these two important measures by sending letters of support to key legislators explaining how these bills will impact your agency.


AB 1144 would allow Renewable Energy Credits from behind-the-meter power generated and used onsite at wastewater agencies to be counted in Renewable Portfolio Standards Content Category 1, rather than being limited to Category 3, where the credits are significantly less valuable.


AB 888 would ban the use of microbeads in toothpaste and cleansing scrubs.

Upcoming Attorneys Meeting will Feature Proposition 218 Roundtable
On May 8, the CASA Attorneys committee will meet in Sacramento to discuss a host of issues pertinent to their wastewater and local agency clients.

The agenda includes a roundtable discussion on recent developments with Proposition 218, including the recent decision in Capistrano Taxpayers Association v. City of San Juan Capistrano. The opinion, issued on April 20, has the potential to impact agencies that have adopted tiered rate structures, and could have a significant impact on rates designed to promote water conservation. Other recent Proposition 218 developments include pending legislative efforts to include stormwater in the majority protest provisions that currently cover water and wastewater.  The committee will also discuss the effect of legislation that was adopted last year and went into effect in 2015, pending legislation with the potential to impact CASA members, recent case law and general items of interest.


More information and registration

Greg Kester to Aid in Ebola Research Projects
Greg Kester, CASA’s Director of Renewable Resource Programs, has been invited to serve on the Ebola Research Advisory Committee for the Water Environment Research Foundation (WERF); a nonprofit organization established to advance the science and technology of a broad spectrum of wastewater, biosolids, and water quality issues. 

Greg will contribute his expertise to a number of research projects, including:

  • Potential for Exposure to Ebola Virus Surrogates Aerosolized from Wastewater Systems
  • Protecting Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators from Emerging
  • Pathogens: A Preparedness Protocol and Online Decision Support Tool
  • Risks from Ebola Discharge from Hospitals to Sewer Workers
  • The Survival of Surrogates for Ebola in Sewage and Wastewater Treatment

We’re thrilled that WERF has recognized the expertise that Greg has to offer, and proud of Greg for his contributions to CASA, our membership, and our mission of ensuring clean water.

House Committee Approves Bill to Block Waters of the U.S. Rule
The House Committee on Transportation & Infrastructure approved H.R.1732, the Regulatory Integrity Protection Act, or RIP. H.R. 1732 would block a rule proposed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to define the federal government’s power to regulate waters and adjacent lands. The bill requires the agencies to develop a new, workable rule in consultation with state and local governments and other stakeholders who will be affected by the rule. Read more… 
Calling all Agencies and Associates: We’d Like to Celebrate You!
We’re now accepting submissions for our 2015 Achievement Awards Program. Recognition from a leading water quality association honors your hard work and accomplishments. It’s a symbol of respect, credibility, and innovation, and helps with employee engagement and morale. And it positions you as a leader with the media and other influential people in your community. 

Join your colleagues in celebrating the great outcomes you bring to Californians. Submit applications by Wednesday, June 24, 2015. Visit our website for details, and apply now!

Upcoming Events
Date Organization Event Location
April 27-28 CASA Public Policy Forum Sacramento
May 1 CASA & CWEA What 2 Flush Half Day Summit San Diego
May 8 CASA CASA Attorneys Spring Meeting Sacramento
May 9 Union Sanitary District Open House Union City
May 11 CWEA California Drought Summit Sacramento
May 12 CASA & CWEA Biosolids and Renewable Energy Seminar Martinez
May 13 CASA & CWEA Biosolids and Renewable Energy Seminar Los Angeles
May 14 CWEA Annual Safety Supervisor Seminar & Vendor Expo Dublin
June 27 Kamil Azoury, a past President of CASA, is retiring after serving 20 years as General Manager with the Goleta Sanitary District. A retirement dinner will be held in his honor.Contact: Rob Mangus

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August 19 CASA Annual Conference San Diego
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