CalDesal Newsletter – April 2015

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Water Board To Adopt Ocean Desalination Rules and RegulationsThe long awaited amendments to the California Ocean Plan relating to ocean desalination are set for an adoption hearing on May 6, 2015. After four years of multiple public workshops, several expert panels and studies a new rigorous 21st Century set of rules will apply to ocean desalination intakes and brine disposal in order to protect the marine environment off of the California Coast.

The proposed new rules for intakes and mitigation still find subsurface intakes the best available technology but leave the door open for open ocean intakes under certain conditions.  If subsurface intakes are shown to be infeasible, open ocean intakes could be utilized with a passive intake screen (“wedge wire screen”) that  must be sized at 1 millimeter or smaller, the intake velocity must not  exceed one half foot per second, and the screened ocean intake would require mitigation. As for Brine Disposal, mixing brine concentrate with wastewater is still viewed as the best available technology, but diffusers may be used under specified circumstances. Discharges shall not exceed a daily maximum of 2.0 parts per thousand (ppt) above natural background salinity measured no further than 100 meters horizontally from the discharge.

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Join Us May 6th in Sacramento for the Spring MixerWe are looking forward to seeing everyone in Sacramento! We expect this mixer to another huge success. Attendees will include CalDesal members representing all regions of California, as well as water industry advocates, consultants and vendors. This will be a client rich environment for you to network and meet new customers.
WHEN: May 6th, 2015
TIME: 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm
WHERE: Hyatt Regency Sacramento

Upper Pool Deck

1209 L Street Sacramento, CA 95814

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Governor’s Executive Order Calls for DesalinationOn the first of April, Governor Brown announced that he was going to call on California Urban Water users to cut their water use by 25% statewide from 2013 use in order to meet the challenges of a four-year drought emergency. While the first time ever mandatory water conservation emergency order is getting all of the attention in the press, there is more to the Governor’s Executive Order B-29-15 including streamlining government response for increasing local water supplies, such as water recycling facilities and desalination plants (Section 19). Indeed, the executive order calls for investment in new technologies including renewable energy-powered desalination (Section 17). Plan on seeing just as much press on these two sections in the future

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CalDesal is the only advocacy group in California dedicated to advancing the responsible development of ocean desalination, groundwater desalination and salinity management activities to help meet the state’s water-supply challenges.Join Today!


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