PIANC Seminar on Ecosystem Services


Identification, Assessment and Benefits for Navigation Infrastructure Projects

7 May 2015, Koblenz, Germany


This PIANC seminar brings an inspiring international perspective of how to best integrate Ecosystem Services and its potential benefit for the navigation community.

Herewith PIANC prepares and supports the international navigation sector for the future with a new important goal. To promote the concept of Sustainable, Integrated and Resilient Management of navigation and waterborne infrastructure. The aim is to define SIRM and to provide implementation guidance and recommendations in the coming years.

Ecosystems provide natural solutions to many challenges that coastal areas and inland waterways faces, by offering numerous services such as clean air, water filtration, flood prevention, noise reduction, recreation, as well as climate change mitigation and adaptation. This can help save money and generate economic benefits for countries and cities.

The values of biodiversity and ecosystem services need to be integrated into decision making in order to enhance resilience of navigation and waterborne infrastructure for today’s societal challenges.

But how to bridge the knowledge gap on the role of marine and inland biodiversity and ecosystem services for human well-being? Resulting in better valuing investments in waterborne infrastructure.

PIANC invited 9 inspiring international experts to share with us the opportunities and challenges of investing in ecosystem services in relation with waterborne infra.

A concluding workshop will explore ways to strengthen the connection between science and practice for waterborne developments. Ultimately, this workshop will explore ways to strengthen the integration of ecosystems services in our marine and inland waterway environment for the benefit of people, nature and the economy.

This PIANC seminar is held in conjunction with the 5th Ecological of The German Federal Institute of Hydrology ‘Ecosystem Services ‒ Challenges and opportunities in managing flowing waters’ (5/6 May 2015 Germany).

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